With features like adaptive cruise control, collision prevention and lane guidance, technology is paving the way to safer roads. Discover what’s driving the innovations behind concept cars, connected vehicles and autonomous mobility. 

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On the Fast Track to Autonomous Driving: Mobileye

It’s coming your way, and to the highway. It’s an autonomous vehicle (AV) platform that will change the driving experience as we know it. Autonomous vehicle tech company Mobileye is launching a platform that dramatically simplifies transitioning regular cars to operate autonomously. Hear from Mobileye SVP Nimrod Nehushtan as he discusses how far the tech has come in making autonomous driving reliable and feasible.


Nimrod Nehushtan, Senior Vice President Business Development & Strategy and Co-Manager REM, Mobileye


Discover cutting-edge air transport concepts that seamlessly incorporate revolutionary aircraft designs and innovative flight technologies into both existing and adapted airspace systems. Envision a future where people and cargo can be efficiently moved between various locations, with a particular focus on currently underserved local, regional, urban, and rural environments. 

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Autonomous Vehicles, Safe and Feasible with Mobileye

The autonomous vehicle revolution is moving fast. In fact, one company in the space is working to simplify autonomous operation for traditional car builders. The company is Mobileye and, according to SVP Nimrod Nehushtan, it has relationships with Volkswagen and Porsche. In a market that’s embracing Mobileye’s AV platform -- and possibly sooner than you think -- your neighbor’s next new car may be fully autonomous.

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