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The prospect of a new internet, Web3, is for many the futurist vision of an online universe that’s secure and decentralized. It’s an internet untethered from service-provider terms and servers.

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The Web3 Vision: A User-Owned Online Future

Today’s Web2 internet, a staple resource for information, purchases and entertainment, is at the same time an ISP-controlled data grabber - not always a secure one - with a voracious appetite for consumer intel.

Web3, say its proponents, will change that. They envision a decentralized, global network with services and features designed, owned and operated by individual users. Skeptics call that a pipedream.

Web3 is envisioned as the platform for -- among other applications -- the metaverse, which is an emerging 3D network of virtual worlds. Web3 is being developed as a decentralized internet that is user controlled. Individuals, rather than corporations, own their presence and work online. That platform is ideally suited to the metaverse's expansion. Complementary in many ways, Web3 and metaverse can be thought of like this: Web3 is the user-owned environment that will host the metaverse with its evolving galaxies of virtual 3D worlds and their denizens.

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Gaming Levels Up, and Into the Metaverse

The U.S. gaming industry engages 164 million users across virtually every social demographic. That’s an increase of nine million new users since 2019. Gaming is a big business driven by ingenious tech that makes experiences deeply immersive, highly accessible and very customizable. Gamers of all ages are flocking to consoles and cloud streaming services, spurring industry innovators to continuously level up their technologies to sate the public’s appetite for new virtual worlds and challenges.

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