Space Technology

The technology that makes space exploration possible has an out-of-this-world influence on Earth too. Explore the breakthrough advances guiding everything from life and discovery on Mars and the moon to weather forecasting, satellite systems and long-distance communications at home.

Featured Podcast

A Journey to the Edge of Space

Disproving the assumption that spaceflight is only for the wealthy, this episode of CES Tech Talk tells the story of spaceflight experiences for the general public. Imagine seeing the world from the heavens, free of borders and boundaries, then returning to Earth with a renewed appreciation for our shared global ecosystem. Watch to learn how two companies, Space Perspectives and Base Ventures, are making this a more accessible reality.


Jane Poynter, Founder and Co-CEO, Space Perspective | Kirby Harris, Founder and CEO, Base Ventures

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The Latest on Space Tech

Space Tech In Orbit and Delivering

From Ukraine to remote and rural regions of the world, networks of satellites are delivering the imagery and connectivity that can save and transform lives.

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