Space Technology

Outer Space Insights: 3 Sessions to See

No longer a futuristic dream for Earth’s enterprises, space technology is getting noticed – and embraced – in markets across our home planet. Intrepid investors and consumer electronics visionaries are exploring how space-centric strategies and applications can help consumers back on our home planet. Three sessions from CES 2023 delve into what’s possible, and what may lie beyond.

Investing in Space

This panel features investors and startups discussing how space tech innovations can be applied to improve, for example, telecommunications services on Earth. Can space tech help improve remote rural connectivity? Perhaps underserved communities can be strengthened through a better understanding of the world around us through earth observation imagery and data analytics; find out what investing in space and related technology is all about.

Space Tech: In Orbit and Delivering

Satellite networks and related technologies deliver the possibility of a more connected world. They hold the promise of connectivity to the world’s most isolated regions. Experts from SpaceX, Deloitte and other leading organizations discuss developments that will transform lives.


Tech Dev in Low Earth Orbit – An Astronaut’s Perspective from Space

Via an uplink to the International Space Station, panelists join a NASA astronaut to talk about space-based R&D. Their insights are certain to benefit humanity in surprising and novel ways. This fascinating session blends perspectives from both the public and private sectors, demonstrating that a diversity of viewpoints fosters the best ideas.

To discover more about space technology’s promise toward a better world here on Earth, visit the CES Space Technology topic page. To explore more content from CES 2023, check out our sessions and other on-demand videos.

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