Space Technology

Space Technology Goes Mainstream

Overview Once considered too experimental for established companies, space technology is breaking barriers to mainstream markets. Explore how companies like Canon and Sierra Space are integrating space tech into their portfolios.

 The astronomical demand for consumer space travel and technology caused traditional industries to take note and expand their business models. CES® 2022 gave space tech a seat at the table.  

CES 2022 attendees geared up to welcome space technology as the newest addition to the prestigious exhibit category list. Highlighting advancements in communications, health, transportation and more, these new exhibitors added incredible perspective to the show floor.   

“Every year, CES showcases the latest innovations from legacy and emerging technology sectors — and everything in between,” said Karen Chupka, executive VP of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®. “Technology is propelling the space industries to new heights, and CES is the perfect platform to showcase this growth.” 

Helping usher in the era of space technology at CES 2022 were CTA members and CES exhibitors. 

Sierra Space is Soaring to New Heights

Building and delivering state-of-the-art space technology, Sierra Space — a subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation — envisions a future where living and working beyond Earth is open to all.   

The Dream Chaser®, a space utility vehicle that flies like an aircraft in Earth’s atmosphere and moves like a spacecraft in outer space, has been selected to run at least seven supply missions to the International Space Station. This revolutionary vehicle can be flown manned or unmanned, and is intended for high reusability (15-plus trips) to reduce costs and mission turnaround time. And, eventually, the Dream Chaser will be available for civilian space exploration.  

Additional Sierra Space innovations include: 

  • Orbital Reef — a commercially owned and operated space station developed in partnership with space industry leaders  
  • LIFE™ Habitat (large integrated flexible environment) — an inflatable environment that can sustain gardening and science experiments while leaving room for exercise equipment and a medical center 

Sierra Space took ingenuity to new heights in support of the new space economy at CES 2022. 

Canon Pictures the Future 

Known globally as a pioneer of imaging products with decades of experience, Canon’s newest technology presented at CES 2022 was genuinely out of this world.  

Measuring roughly the size of a wine barrel, Canon introduced the CE-SAT-1. This revolutionary microsatellite is their first step in creating an affordable, mass-produced satellite for the emerging commercial space industry.  

Though meant to be ready-made, these microsatellites are semi-customizable based on customer requirements and can be launched more affordably than traditional satellites because of their size. Canon believes the lower costs will drive adoption.  

Sent initially into orbit in 2017, CE-SAT-1’s capabilities were on display at CES 2021 as Canon launched a new, interactive web experience allowing users to modify pre-captured images, including the location and altitude of the image, for personal use.   

Expecting both the space photography and consumer space industry to take off swiftly, Canon aims to build a billion-dollar business around microsatellites by 2030. 

See You at CES 2023

CES returned home to Las Vegas in 2022, welcoming over 44,000 in-person attendees, with 40,000 joining the event digitally. The show was a true global event, with attendees representing 133 countries. Watch the keynote speeches, conference sessions, and more highlights from the show, now available on-demand. 

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