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Daytrip to the Stars Via This Space Balloon

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By late 2024, you won’t necessarily have to be a billionaire or an astronaut to see Earth from the stratosphere. You will need a reservation on the Space Perspective vessel, a first-of-its-kind space balloon that transports a capsule to the heavens – safely, sustainably and in style. With financial backing from Base Ventures, Space Perspective wants to fly more of the general public to the stars. Hear all about it from Space Perspective’s Jane Poynter and Base Venture’s Kirby Harris.      
The vision driving Space Perspective is accessible space flight intended to inspire awe and a deeper appreciation for our planet. Ask any astronaut what it’s like to see Earth from the stratosphere and you’ll hear terms like amazing and life-changing. With Space Perspective’s balloon, regular people have this opportunity without the training, and with considerably less risk. Find out how the space balloon works, and why Base Ventures decided to become the company’s first investor, in season 7, episode 3, A Journey to the Edge of Space, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.

Top Five Takeaways

  • The space balloon carries a high-style capsule gently into the heavens on a six-hour roundtrip. The balloon, when fully inflated at altitude is the size of a small football stadium. The capsule it carries holds eight passengers and a captain who ride in luxury. Passengers will enjoy high-end accommodations, as well as food and beverages.
  • At a per-seat cost of $125,000, it may be ideal for a milestone anniversary or other very special occasion. Reservations involve a downpayment starting at $60,000.  
  • The voyage is carbon-neutral and designed to be safe. Weather conditions are scrupulously monitored via advanced modeling and Space Perspective-owned weather balloons to assess conditions at all times.
  • Travelers depart from a ship at sea. They ascend at a gentle 12 miles per hour with an equally easy descent back to the ocean after their trip. From there, a waiting ship uses a crane to lift the capsule and passengers aboard.
  • Base Ventures invested confidently in Space Perspectives after thoroughly studying the market for space experiences, as well as the company’s technological credentials. CEO Kirby Harris even purchased a ticket for his mother who will enjoy one of the earlier flights.

They Said It

“[W]e're actually completely redefining space travel for people so that it's really accessible, it's safe, it's also carbon-neutral…There's a space balloon…And, underneath that, [is a capsule that] seats eight people and a captain. It's 16 feet in diameter. It's this beautiful round capsule with giant windows.”
Jane Poynter (04:13)
“We know how technically excellent that Jane…and the Space Perspective team is, and we couldn't hope to offer any advice in building the technical side of the business…[W]e're able to shepherd her through the venture capital experience…On the consumer side, we were able to add a lot of our know-how about the consumer experience and what it means to build…incredible iconic brands.”
Kirby Harris (14:32)

Jane Poynter, Founder and Co-CEO, Space Perspective

As founder and co-CEO of Space Perspective, the world’s only carbon-neutral human spaceflight company, Jane Poynter’s mission is to share the transformative power of space travel with the world. Space Perspective offers travelers a safe and accessible way to have the ultimate astronaut experience of seeing Earth from the blackness of space without the training. Prior to Space Perspective, Poynter was co-founder of Paragon Space Development Corporation, a company that today has technologies on almost every human spacecraft in operation in the U.S. She was also a member of the Biosphere 2 design team and original crew.


Kirby Harris, Founder and CEO, Base Ventures

As founder and CEO of Base Ventures, Kirby Harris works to turn access into opportunity for investors and founders in pursuit of the next disruptive idea. Prior to Base Ventures, Harris served as vice president at a boutique private equity firm focused on project finance and alternative energy investments. Over the course of his career, he has built a reputation for keen investment analysis and advice. He received his MBA in finance from California State University Hayward and his B.A. degree from Morehouse College.

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