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With L'Oréal, Tech Looks Good on You

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This company is more than a pretty-making enterprise. L'Oréal is also a technology change-maker. Beneath the polished surface of its many product lines lies an entire organization dedicated to augmented beauty and tech. Led by Guive Balooch, this team and collaborators use AI, AR, chemistry, engineering and more sciences to advance everyone’s beauty experience. See how L'Oréal delivers custom products and advanced devices for all ages and abilities. Guive tells all in season 7, episode 7, L’Oréal, Because You’re Worth the Tech, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.

Top Five Takeaways

  • L'Oréal, the largest beauty company in the world, addresses the growing demand for hyper-personalization with 35 brands including Maybelline, Kiehl’s, Lancôme, Garnier and Kérastase.
  • Because 50% of people cannot find their skin shade in available foundation colors, the company invented the Lancôme-branded Le Teint Particulier (“the individual complexion”). The machine color-matches from among 22,000 options.
  • One in ten of the world’s people has limited mobility due to Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, brain injury or other issue that impedes their beauty experience. L’Oréal uniquely counters that with the AI-powered and Innovation Award-winning HAPTA and Brow Magic devices. These products, respectively, simplify applying lipstick and shaping eyebrows.
  • L’Oréal has its sights on the metaverse. It acquired ModiFace, a company that creates augmented reality and AI services for the beauty industry, to extend its ability to advance the beauty experience digitally.
  • Without giving anything away, you’ll hear that L’Oréal will keynote at CES 2024. CEO Nicolas Hieronimus will discuss the relatively unsung side of the beauty industry, its foundational technology.     

They Said It

“We're all going to be powered by technology and so we took this bet in 2012 to come to CES to try to…understand what it would really mean for the future of our industry and our consumer…Over the last ten years, we've been coming every year with a new service that combines…beauty products with digital or physical technology.”
Guive Balooch (03:30)
“[W]e wanted to…allow people to have this kind of virtual way to choose the best product for them. That ultimately allows people the freedom to be able to dare and try, but also to be able to buy the right product. And, over time, what we've done is we've brought new services that combine physical, digital [and] also the formula.”
Guive Balooch (07:03)

Guive Balooch, Global Managing Director, Augmented Beauty & Tech, L’Oréal

Guive Balooch is a scientist dedicated to bringing advanced technology to the beauty industry. He has helped L’Oréal evolve from the world’s foremost beauty company to a technology player that is empowering consumers through personalized products that solve their individual beauty and wellness desires. His multinational team partners with entrepreneurs, academic institutions and experts across an array of fields to unearth breakthrough research and first-to-market technologies. Guive began his career in the pharmaceutical industry researching new antibodies for bone-related diseases. In 2008, he joined L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation team where he built collaborations with startups and universities. He has a B.A. in molecular and cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in biomaterials from University of California, San Francisco. 

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