Food, Flight, Fitness: 4 First-Timers at CES 2024

Overview From our insides to our outside spaces, and from the sky to the world’s farms and fields, four new exhibitors to CES work to further better living through sustainable, digital and literally ground-breaking innovations. We welcome barbeque behemoth Char-Broil, agricultural equipment leader Kubota, wellbeing champion Noom and air mobility pioneer Supernal to Las Vegas, January 9-12.

As CES 2024 takes shape, exhibitors are rapidly filling the event’s spaces to showcase products that inspire and excite. While many are globally-known CES veterans, the new participants merit a call-out as they prepare to claim a bigger stage at the most powerful tech event in the world. Here are four that are making consumers’ lives better in ways that span the body, backyard and beyond.


If you're a serious backyard griller, you have probably either owned or heard of Char-Broil. This brand has been a favorite at cookouts since its launch in 1948. The company offers grills, smokers and more for cooking with gas, electricity and charcoal. Options come in formats that include portable, built-in and hybrid for switching from gas to charcoal.
While we can’t disclose what Char-Broil will spotlight at CES 2024, we can underscore a few features that have won fans. The grills’ TRU-Infrared cooking delivers results through consistent heat distribution across the grate. The technology stops flare-ups and inhibits temperature variations for reliable results. Convenience features include electronic ignition and adjustable temperature control. A wide variety of styles and sizes accommodate small and large spaces. The electric Edge grill, introduced last year, stands apart as a full-size cooking alternative to charcoal or propane. In online ratings, consumers particularly cited the grill’s looks and light-weight design, flexible temperature controls, auto-clean feature and cabinet storage space.
Char-Broil is exhibiting at booth 22, Central Plaza, outside the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall.


While Char-Broil cooks your food, Kubota is working to keep it coming – and is doing so with a sustainability focus. This company, now in its 133rd year, is committed to engineering excellence in farm equipment, mowers and much more for progressive approaches to agriculture. Kubota’s innovations in smart farming, smart water and resource circulation have contributed to its status as a top builder of under-100-horsepower diesel engines for non-automotive platforms.
In recent years, Kubota has upped its game in conservation and efficiency technologies. With the introduction of the Agri Robo Combine Harvester in 2018, the company released GPS-enabled versions of its three main farm products – tractors, rice-transplanters and combine harvesters. These products mitigate challenges associated with shrinking labor forces and other factors to help keep farming feasible. They also compliment the Kubota Smart Agri System (KSAS) service, a cloud-based support system for rice farming that integrates IoT data collected from Kubota’s farm equipment. KSAS digitally tracks crop growth and pesticide use to verify produce safety.
See what Kubota is working on to extend its yield and sustainability impact; visit booth 4 in Central Plaza, located outside the LVCC Central Hall.


Founded in 2008 initially as a weight-loss venture, Noom now operates as a digital health company that provides a range of nutrition and wellbeing services. Noom applications are intended to counter a healthcare finding that troubled Noom founders: According to the World Health Organization, 24% of global deaths are attributable to environmental factors that are both preventable and modifiable.
Noom works to help consumers address the entirety of their wellbeing, mentally and physically. With its apps that include Noom Mood, Noom Weight and Noom Med, the company provides methods and instruction that consumers can use to advance their health journey. Noom Mood guides users through the principles of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) with daily lessons and tools to relieve stress. Personal coaching is also available. Noom Weight promotes diet habits that are manageable, long-term, as individuals examine their relationship with food. Noom Med takes mind over matter to the next level, adding FDA-approved medications for weight loss. The pharmaceuticals with well-known brand names have helped consumers achieve an average weight loss of 12.4% over a 68-week period.
Visit Noom at CES 2024 to see how the company is using technology and science for improved fitness. Representatives will be on hand at booth 8062, LVCC North Hall.   


This three-year-old company, part of the Hyundai Motor Group, is dedicated to advanced air mobility (AAM) and is focused on developing a family of electric air vehicles. Commonly referred to as eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) crafts, Supernal’s mission includes incorporating this mobility option into existing transit systems. To do so, the company is leveraging expertise in electrification, autonomy tech, robotics and smart manufacturing.
It's also gaining wider industry attention and traction. It has forged alliances with companies including Echodyne and BAE Systems to continue developing eVTOL vehicles. The venture with Echodyne brings advanced radar systems to the mix for enhanced safety. BAE Systems has joined with Supernal to design and develop a flight control computer for development of a lightweight, fly-by-wire system. This system’s controls will safely and efficiently manage flight operation.
Go outside the convention center to see how far Supernal has gotten. The company will demonstrate its progress at Diamond Lots 110 and 120.

Whether you want a better way to grill, groom your green acres, boost your wellbeing or get off the ground, CES 2024 will have something new to explore. Register today

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