Accessibility in the Smart Home: 5 Tech Tools

From door locks to toothbrushes, accessibility tech completes the fully-realized smart home. Remote-controlled appliances may spark joy, but the smart home experience is lacking when a resident can’t access basic safety and comfort features. Enter five, among many, award-winning solutions displayed at CES 2023 for the 30-plus million Americans living with a disability.

HAPTA by L'Oreal

A smart makeup applicator and CES 2023 Innovation Award winner, this device from CTA member L’Oreal helps disabled users more easily apply mascara or lipstick. A small onboard computer distinguishes unintended hand movements from intentional ones, helping to counter tremors and similar challenges.


Keyin L by Raonark

This smart door lock provides immediate locking and unlocking for people with reduced mobility. Designed for the accessible smart home, Keyin L received Innovation Award honors as an accessibility product that scales and can be easily installed virtually anywhere.


WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift by Dignity Lifts

Addressing an infrequently discussed but serious barrier to dignity and independence, the WL1 Bidet Toilet from CTA member Dignity Lifts is designed for people with significant mobility limitations. This Innovation Award winning product enables safe and comfortable toilet seating, then cleanses and dries users. Afterward, it lifts them gently to their feet.


NEST Self-Dispensing Refillable Toothbrush

For the many individuals whose limited mobility complicates the basic-hygiene task of toothbrushing, the NEST toothbrush enables one-handed brushing with the push of a button. In addition to winning an Innovation award, NEST was one of eight products recognized by the newly launched AccessABILITY Awards, presented by USA Today Reviewed at CES 2023.

Samsung's Relumino

The Relumino feature, a TV mode for visually impaired viewers, uses AI to dynamically outline and enhance television images to improve the viewing experience for the visually impaired. Honored as one of eight recipients of the new AccessABILITY Awards at CES 2023, Relumino from CTA member Relumino also was honored with an Innovation Award.

Smart devices like these reflect the industry’s recognition of individuals whose abilities impede access to simple conveniences. Find out what else tech has to offer for the smart home consumer, and for those seeking the latest accessibility solutions.


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