From screen and text readers to speech input software and voice activation, witness the technological shift revolutionizing the way people live, work and play — regardless of age or ability. 

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The Latest on Accessibility

CES 2024 Keynote: L’Oréal On Beauty Tech

The L’Oréal session will showcase inclusive and accessible beauty tech as a path to personalized expressions of self. CEO Nicolas Hieronimus will take the keynote stage to share how the company’s advances in technology have leveraged, for example, AI and data analysis to help consumers discover tools and products that meet their specific objectives. The company is democratizing access to beauty solutions that have been less available to those with physical challenges that impact arm movement, grip strength, skin health and more.

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people worldwide report some form of disability

The latest on Accessibility

Beauty for All: 3 Companies Excelled at CES 2023

The beauty industry understands that everyone has a right to own how they appear to the world, regardless of physical ability or condition. Proof of this was evident at CES 2023 where inspired technologies modeled how the beauty experience can be attained in ways unachievable before. Emphasizing individuality and convenience, three exhibitors -- also CTA members -- stood out for beauty solutions designed to give consumers what they want when they look in the mirror.

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