Diversity & Inclusion

Top 4 Diversity and Inclusion Sessions at CES 2023

The CES 2023 conference program showcased the work of women, people of color and other underrepresented communities, sparking engagement on the show floor and media platforms. The show’s many diversity and inclusion (D&I) sessions underscored how tech works better when diverse perspectives are brought to bear. Here are a few representative sessions.

Building an Inclusive Web 3.0

watch time: 41:55

Tomorrow’s distributed, user-owned internet – or Web3 – is literally under construction. Building such a space that’s fair to all requires designing its core to include equitable practices. This panel, which includes experts from Meta and Accenture, explores diversity by design in the building blocks of Web3, among them crypto, NFTs and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Keynote: Bold Solutions for a Changing World 

watch time: 40:55

Moderated by Elizabeth Gore, president and co-founder of small-business-funding platform Hello Alice, this conversation explores investing in under-represented founders. Sharing insights are Jenny Abramson, founder of Rethink Impact, and Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO of Wellthy. Rethink Impact funds female and non-binary leaders using tech for good, while the Wellthy platform personalizes services for families and caregivers.

Reframing the Narrative: The Evolution of the Chief Diversity Officer

watch time: 36:43

More businesses are recognizing the strategic value in proactively developing talent with fresh points of view. They’re embracing progress at the executive level to shape company-wide diversity and inclusion strategies for an equitable workforce. This panel of chief diversity officers and chief human resources officers – including Alethia Jackson of Walgreens and Telva McGruder of General Motors -- explores how the role is evolving, and how it’s increasingly emphasizing action.  

Women in Tech Q&A: Live at CES

watch time: 25:51

A new day is dawning in the traditionally male-dominated field of technology. Stephanie Dismore, senior VP of HP North America, leads a discussion about the invaluable role women play in tech, and how businesses can foster innovation and gender equity.

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