As the most influential startup event worldwide, CES is where future-forward products are debuted, partnerships are forged and investments are made. Don’t miss the opportunity to be featured on the global stage for innovation.

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measuring women's health with tech


With more and more funding flowing into AgeTech, join this discussion about the power of sparking innovation from the most unlikely places. Hear from AARP COO Scott Frisch and Revolution CEO Steve Case as they discuss investment, entrepreneurship and the movement to recognize innovation from all communities in the country. Attendees will receive a copy of Steve Case’s newly released book, Rise of the Rest.

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Investors come to Eureka Park to find their next unicorn. Global media come to look for their next story. Corporations come to look for partnerships and acquisitions. Come meet the world’s newest innovators. 


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If you couldn't join us in person, there's still time to register. With the all-digital pass to 100 thought provoking sessions, including keynotes, select conference programming and exhibitor showcases through Feb. 28. 

CES Success Story


After launching its first product at CES, startup BenjiLock has earned funding from Shark Tank and secured distribution and manufacturing partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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The Itsy-Bitsy Spider Made a Better Microphone

By copying nature’s greatest designs, Soundskrit has made the world’s finest directional MEMS microphone. For the population that works from home, in particular, Soundskrit’s supportive features, such as background noise removal and acoustic dereverberation, mean less stress in the home life and more happiness for all. Consumers can say goodbye to yesterday’s audio challenges.

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