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Metaverse startup Dimension X invested in CES to showcase Bonfire, a drag-and-drop platform for content creation within virtual worlds. This no-code tool facilitates deeply immersive experiences DimX built to improve how educators, gamers and more train, design and entertain.

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Now that the metaverse’s denizens, and the metaverse-curious, have Dimension X in the mix for immersive virtual storytelling, content creation can become far more inclusive. And that is exactly the message this startup platform provider wanted to send, and demonstrate, at CES.   
“We at Dimension X feel like for the metaverse to be successful, it needs to be community driven,” said Kyle Ringgenberg, Dimension X Co-Founder and CTA. “For something to be community driven, you have to engage the community.”
With “the world's simplest metaverse creator platform,” as DimX defines it, anyone can more easily engage and community-build in the metaverse. Users don’t need advanced technical skills to craft their own virtual town square, office park or classroom. The platform is intended to empower corporate trainers, educators, developers, designers, manufacturers, gamers, storytellers and business leaders to customize virtual stories and spaces for highly effective training, simulations, games, therapies and more.
Co-founder Ringgenberg and his Dimension X colleagues want to improve lives, and believe that all good things can happen in the metaverse. However, they recognize that creating immersive experiences has been a pursuit limited to the most technically savvy.
The company came to CES to spotlight a better, easier way.
With the company’s Bonfire and DimX metaverse creator systems, immersive experiences can be executed and realized by millions of new metaverse creators. The company compares its drag-and-drop, no-code set of tools to WordPress which opened up website construction to the technically uninitiated.    

Dimension X is a metaverse company. We exist to empower all creators and storytellers to share their experiences using these new technologies. CES is a great place to talk with a bunch of different folks across a myriad of industries. Not just metaverse, but all consumer electronics, all different technologies.

Kyle Ringgenberg
Co-Founder and CTO, Dimension X

Dimension X earned accolades at its Las Vegas debut, allowing hands-on access to creator tools with simplicity, extensibility and interoperability at their core. But that’s not all the company addressed at the show. It provides custom services to help organizations leverage advanced visualization and other sophisticated software techniques for multiple dimension views, animation and more.
The value of these skills and tools defy easy explanation outside the virtual-creator world. Dimension X benefitted immeasurably from shaking hands and exchanging ideas in real life at CES, the world’s largest technical trade show.
“There's nothing like being in the same room at the same place,” Ringgenberg said. “The number of individuals who have crossed our booth, who have been excited about what we're doing, has just been overwhelming. It's been a wonderful experience.”

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