Diversity & Inclusion

The Innovation for All program at CES 2024 will bring together thought leaders and allies for engagement opportunities, networking, and to share best practices in advancing diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Sports Technology

Discover how technology is changing the business of sports through enhancing athletic performance, smart arenas, esports and next-generation sponsorships.

C Space Showcases All Things Media at CES 2024

Every year, CES includes a category, C Space, dedicated to tech in the world of entertainment. Features include conference sessions, meeting space, activations and the C Space Studio where quick interviews offer unscripted trend insights with technology and business leaders. Also under the C Space umbrella is C Space Storytellers, a discussion series with industry A-listers. All of this happens beyond the Las Vegas Conference Center at ARIA so, if you missed it last January, here’s a recap.

Your Shopping Experience is about to Get Seriously Smart

With their expansive reach, engaging over 95% of households in the US and Canada, Instacart’s VP of Ad Product discusses their latest innovations. Hear about their new AI-powered smart carts, their partnership with Google Shopping, and how they are elevating both the online and in-store shopping experience.

4 Trend Surprises at CES 2024

From transparent TVs to stylish smart glasses and electric machines for industrial uses, CES 2024 pushed and expanded the boundaries of different tech sectors. The show’s big tent of amazing innovations included offerings that raised eyebrows among the staples we welcome each year. Exploring the advancements in the always-popular automotive, gaming and other sectors, we noted breakout subsectors emerging in outsized and unexpected ways. Here’s a look at four trends where we found surprises.

For Media

With more than 65 exhibitors, CES Unveiled in Amsterdam gives attendees a sneak peek into the tech innovation that will debut at CES 2020.

Future-Proofing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with AI

Discover the impact of AI on diversity and inclusion efforts in the business world, as Omnicom's Chief Equity and Impact Officer, Emily Graham, shares her insights. Listen in to hear how Omnicom is training AI for good in this thought-provoking CES 2024 interview.

The Power of Internet Anonymity: How Reddit Fosters Connection

How much human connection can be created between anonymous users on the web? An entire community’s worth as it turns out. Listen in to hear the Reddit VP of Large Customer Sales discuss how an entire world is communicating on Reddit and fostering genuine connection and engagement.

Walmart Keynote at CES 2024: Disruptive Retail Tech

Retail titan Walmart, known worldwide for everyday low prices, is also a world-class technology business. With drone and electric-vehicle deliveries in numerous markets, as well as a team of software engineers, data scientists and other experts at Walmart Global Tech, the company has mastered digital transformation. The Walmart story of tech exploration and industry-altering breakthroughs will take center stage at CES 2024 when CEO Doug McMillon keynotes on the show’s opening day.