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For Black History Month, a Video Guide to CES 2024

Overview Because the tech industry is bigger than the sum of its parts, and composed of far more than devices and software, CES 2024 offered extensive programming focused on people. Specifically, the show highlighted the richness that diverse voices bring to tech innovation and discovery. It’s Black History Month, so we’ve rounded up on-demand sessions that examine aspects of tech accomplishment and opportunity designed to elevate innovators from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

Be inspired while binging on content that underscores a central theme for CES 2024: Innovation for All.
Across the show’s many stages, from C Space to conference sessions to meet-ups and networking events, CES helped bridge cultural and racial divides in the interest of tech innovation.


AI and the Diverse Workplace

A highlight of D&I programming at CES 2024 was this C Space episode of CES Tech Talk, Future-Proofing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with AI, featuring Omnicom Chief Equity and Impact Officer Emily Graham.

Graham discusses how global media company Omnicom is training AI for good. She explores the impact of AI on diversity and inclusion efforts in the business world, observing that “AI has become a really big part of the way that we do D&I.”

She added, “The more I learn about AI, the more I recognize it is truly a mirror of our society: The good, the bad, and the ugly. When it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion…we have to be very mindful that AI just spits out the mirror that it sees, the information that it has. So I'm more focused on impacting the world as we know it so that AI shows up better for us, and the biases that we see, and some of the misinformation that we see so that we can have a stronger AI.”


Watch, Listen and Learn From the Experts

Available on demand, CES 2024 sessions included a wide variety of perspectives. Ranging in topic from funding opportunities to gender gaps and more, the show’s programming left little uncovered relative to fairness and access. Here’s a sample of sessions exploring diversity challenges and solutions.
A Look at the Funding Landscape For Women and Diverse Entrepreneurs
Watch time: 40:19

Advancing Health Equity Through Technology
Watch time: 39:47
Closing the Gender Equity Gap
Watch time: 41:38
Driving Innovation Through Inclusive Design
Watch time: 57:03
Embracing Neurodivergent Employees in the Tech Industry
Watch time: 43:06
Emerging Technologies Shaping the Tech Workforce
Watch time: 42:42
Empowering Women's Entrepreneurship
Watch time: 42:02
Masterclass: How to Maximize Social Media Exposure for Your Startup
Watch time: 44:05
The Future of the Chief Diversity Officer: What's Next?
Watch time: 39:18
For a full listing of D&I sessions at CES 2024, as well as program descriptions and speaker information, visit the show’s session schedule page. Select "Diversity and Inclusion" under the topics list.
End Black History Month on a high note by hearing from issues experts about contributions of African Americans in the United States. On February 29, join Tiffany Moore, CTA SVP of political and industry affairs, for a fireside chat with Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. Get more information on this in-person event, and RSVP, here.

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