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UN Adds Tech as Human Security Pillar in Lead-Up to CES 2024

Overview Celebrating a historic development and partnership, leaders from the United Nations, CTA and executives from the association’s membership met at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly to announce technology as a new pillar of the Human Security for All (HS4A) worldwide campaign. As the eighth pillar, access to technology attains global recognition as essential to human security. Find out what that means, and how the new designation will be showcased at CES 2024.

The road to CES 2024 led to the United Nations on September 18 as technology and NGO executives convened to introduce the next phase of the HS4A campaign. The event, co-hosted by the UN Trust Fund for Human Security, CTA and World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS), featured a panel discussion on CES and tech as a human necessity. It was preceded by comments from CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro and UN Secretary’s Envoy on Technology Amandeep Singh Gill.
The panel’s industry A-listers - Garry Jacobs, WAAS president and CEO, with Panasonic Corporation of North America Chairwoman and CEO Megan Lee and Kinsey Fabrizio, CTA SVP of CES and membership - discussed avenues for countering unprecedented global challenges such as the pandemic and Ukraine war. They advocated for public-private partnerships as the most feasible path to a vibrant tech ecosystem, one equipped to mitigate all that troubles humanity.

Technology for Sustainability’s Sake

Delivering two announcements in advance of CES 2024, CTA’s Gary Shapiro said, first, that the HS4A campaign, begun in 2022 and spot lit at CES 2023, will continue in cooperation with the UN Trust Fund for Human Security. Second, he introduced technology as the newest UN pillar of human security.
“For the first time in history, technology will be alongside economic, environmental, food, health, political, personal and community security,” he said, as UN-designated priorities in the interest of peace and human wellbeing.
UN tech envoy Gill followed to discuss the role of technology as a means for attaining human security in ways that endure. Noting that he’s “looking forward to participating in the 2024 CES,” Gill said sustainable development goals (SDGs) can be achieved in line with UN objectives for 2030 only when technology is leveraged responsibly.
On behalf of the UN, he further observed that “we need to build public-private partnerships to catch up” on meeting sustainability targets. The effort requires blending the resources and reach of the private sector with governments’ capacity to align officials and their publics toward a common positive outcome.
“International organizations need to be umpires, arbiters, of these partnerships,” Gill said.

CES 2024 and the New Technology Pillar

The UN event participants continued their conversation speaking more specifically about CES 2024 and the tech pillar. When the tech industry and its global stakeholders meet again in Las Vegas, attendees can expect scores of products, systems, services and discussions aimed at applying technology to the lasting benefit of humanity. As discussed during the panel session that closed the UN event, CES 2024 will be all-on as a catalyst to achieving HS4A goals.
Moderated by CNN Business Senior Writer Samantha Kelly – who’s covered the show for more than 15 years – the panel explored the many dimensions of tech as a driver of security and peace through globally collaborative action.

“We’re reaching out through the Human Security Campaign,” said WAAS principal Garry Jacobs, “to parliamentarians, to interfaith and religious groups around the world, to artists, to universities, to youth groups, to NGOs of all description, to business, to financial organizations...We believe that the SDGs can be achieved, they can be achieved on time, perhaps even over-achieved. But we can never do it with just one of these…We've got to do it by bringing them all together.”
Previewing CES 2024, CTA’s Kinsey Fabrizio said the UN-backed HS4A campaign will again be powerfully displayed across the show’s many stages, from exhibits to conference programming and beyond. As in 2023, the 2024 Innovation Awards will recognize products and solutions that promote human security for all.  
"We're really happy to align with the [HS4A] theme again,” she said, “and we'll see it even more at the show next year. We know energy management and environmental sustainability are going to be a key part of it...There will be other areas that…align heavily with the human security pillars.” These will include fintech and solutions supporting economic security.
CES veteran exhibitor Panasonic, also winner of three Innovation Awards since 2021, will be among the global brands at CES 2024 focusing on tech for good that’s also good business. Since the company’s first appearance at the event in 1970, Panasonic has been displaying some of the world’s most pioneering products in consumer electronics. While the company remains dominant and iconic in its sector, Panasonic has also embraced eco-initiatives that conserve resources. Today, said the company’s North American chair Megan Lee, Panasonic is intensely focused on societal and environmental interests.
"We have a core mission,” Lee said. “We want to contribute to the society that we are in with a healthy business...What can we do to be here for another 100 years? We can only do that by providing a sustainable business so we can all coexist...Our biggest business, more than 40% of our business, is in renewable batteries."
Panasonic will join hundreds of other enterprises in Las Vegas displaying solutions that enable more stable and secure communities worldwide.

“We'll see tech from smart communities,” CTA’s Fabrizio said, and “mobility and transformation in our communities. We'll see, of course, digital health and technologies that create more access and equity…A category that’s continuing to grow is agriculture and food tech. So, we'll see technology solutions that are addressing food waste, creating alternative food resources and sources. It's going to be phenomenal and exciting.”
To view a recording of the full event, visit CES.tech for all things HS4A. Also, watch for the next episode of CES Tech Talk, dropping October 2, for highlights of how HS4A and the new tech pillar will be featured at CES 2024. Register today to experience tech’s latest innovations for a safer, more secure and sustainable future. 

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