Next in Esports: Li-Fi for Futuristic Gaming

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Lightning-fast, secure, wireless. Those are a few of the features coming to gaming platforms powered by Li-Fi connections. This light fidelity tech, already used for defense and other applications, is being harnessed by startup PhotonFi. Find out what the quickly unfolding future holds for gaming and esports. In season 7, episode 11, Li-Fi Unleashes the Future of Esports, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series, PhotonFi cofounder Mike Fasulo and Gamer World News CEO Gayle Dickie share insights.

Top Four Takeaways

  • Li-Fi, which is a wireless communication technology that uses light to transmit data, minimizes interference in ways that far surpass Wi-Fi. Among its advantages, Li-Fi functions well in high-density regions and even through water.
  • Here’s a snapshot of the market opportunity: The U.S., alone, has more than 45 million esports viewers, and esports revenues are expected to exceed $1.5 billion by the year’s end. The global esports user base is anticipated to grow to 614 million by January 2024. Li-Fi will supercharge esports for better speeds and ultra-low latency that will super-charge gaming, streaming and esports experiences..   
  • Currently, the Li-Fi technology is mainly deployed in Europe for the military and aerospace sectors. In the U.S., PhotonFi’s Fasulo says the company is already shipping it and, as partners are added, expects to see it increasingly added to devices.  
  • For augmented and virtual reality applications, consumers can anticipate new gameplay mechanics for new challenges triggered by light, at a reduced cost.  

They Said It

“I'm definitely planning on being [at CES 2024] and meeting with more sponsors and advertisers for partnership opportunities on a global scale. Hopefully, we'll be making some big announcements on the content-partnership side, not only with broadcast, but mobile and streamers around the world. I always like seeing the latest and the greatest, what's coming up 2024. I look forward to being there.”
Gayle Dickie (23:00)
“We're going all in [for CES 2024]. It's interesting because I'm a former chairman of the Executive Board of Consumer Technology Association, the producer of CES, and ran Sony Electronics for a number of years. So, I'm very accustomed to CES….We'll be in Eureka Park. We're a startup so we're going to be around other startups and it's going to be a very different experience.”
Mike Fasulo (23:28)


Gayle Dickie, CEO, Gamer World News

As founder and CEO of the premium news-content company, Gamer World News, Gayle Dickie is dedicated to the exploding esports and gaming industry. She is a member of the Academy of International Television Arts & Sciences with more than 20 years of experience as an entertainment executive. A former syndicator, Dickie was the first female vice president for Blair Entertainment and has held executive positions at Viacom, Mattel and several others. She is an Advisory Board member for the Los Angeles City College Cinema and Television Department, and a former professional athlete.


Mike Fasulo, COO and Cofounder, PhotonFi

Mike Fasulo brings more than 40 years of experience in the technology industry to his entrepreneurial role as cofounder and COO of PhotonFi Inc. In this capacity, he is pioneering the future of communication through Li-Fi technology. Prior to launching PhotonFI, Fasulo was president and COO of Sony Electronics. He is a sought-after speaker and ally of aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. A former CTA Executive Board member, Fasulo is an inductee to the Consumer Technology Hall of Fame.

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