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Media Sector Prospects: Variety Weighs In

Overview CES Tech Talk podcast, in season 6, features interviews with experts bringing you an insider’s look at what’s new and trending in consumer technology and at CES. Subscribe to get this month’s new episodes. Curious what advanced media research indicates for the future of top entertainment brands? Variety’s Chief Media Analyst Andrew Wallenstein talks about the industry’s future and where the smart money is headed.

Drawing from a powerful and proprietary market-research tool, Variety’s Andrew Wallenstein has a lot to say about entertainment industry trends. As president of the brand’s Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP), he discusses what the data say about the prospects and profitability of streaming, cinema, metaverse, publishing and more. Find out what he believes lies ahead for Netflix, Meta and other major players in episode 32, Variety Forecasts the Future of Streaming, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.


  • The Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP), Variety’s market research tool launched in 2020, delivers data-based insights across film, streaming, TV, music and publishing. Its subscription-based intel offers media professionals special reports and analyses on the industry’s most pressing issues.  
  • Given media’s costs and competitive pressures, the future is hazy for several streaming platforms, particularly those that Wallenstein refers to - by name - as the “second rung of streaming players.”
  • The movie business, in particular, faces headwinds. Wallenstein discusses factors behind the challenging trends he sees; they extend beyond movies to virtual reality, metaverse and more.

They Said It

Variety Intelligence Platform has been around now for a few years. It's basically a subscription extension to that core Variety business where people who come to the variety.com website who’re interested in digging deeper beyond the headlines, really into the issues that matter most to those in the media business. Get a really deep mix of analysis and data like you really can't get anywhere else…

Andrew Wallenstein (00:48)

[W]e have seen this incredible surge in the sheer volume of content out there…it's been called sort of the ‘Peak TV’ phenomenon. At Variety Intelligence…[I]t's across scripted and unscripted. We're really approaching about 2000 different shows being in circulation. And I think this is the year we start to see a ceiling get hit, and the number will start to come down as all these services get a little more discerning, as they get a little more careful with how they spend their dollars.

Andrew Wallenstein (05:45)

Variety at CES 2023

Variety was showcased via a session in the C Space Studio at ARIA.

Andrew Wallenstein, Variety Intelligence Platform President | Chief Media Analyst, Variety

Andrew Wallenstein leads the Variety Intelligence Platform, an extension of the Variety brand focused on market research. He has been with Variety since 2011, previously as co-editor-in-chief. Previously, Wallenstein was an on-air contributor for NPR’s All Things Considered for nearly a decade, and hosted the PBS series “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors.” With a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, his work has appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe and Business Week.

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