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Industry Insiders Talk AI at Work

Overview Where is AI taking tech and consumers? Should this exploding technology instill anxiety or enthusiasm among tech’s creatives, in particular, who specialize in shaping consumer perceptions and experiences? For three insiders leading design, consulting and software businesses, artificial intelligence holds promise for better experiences, but only under close human guidance. They shared their views on camera in the C Space Studio at CES 2023.

Consistent with views of many tech leaders across industry verticals, executives representing Props, Stagwell Group and Xperi welcome AI as an enabling tool for strategic and creative pursuits. Far from replacing talented specialists, AI will reliably perform repetitive or mundane tasks, freeing creatives and consultants to deliver more value more quickly. Here’s a look at AI’s place in the tech space from the pros’ point of view.

AI Tech Doesn’t Negate the Human

Bob Ullery, CEO and co-founder of Web3 development studio Props Labs, recognizes that some in his business fear the technology. In his view, AI can level the playing field for those with great creative ideas and instincts who are short on funding, personnel and other resources.
Ullery discussed AI, NFTs, Web3, block chain and more in the C Space studio at CES 2023. Find out what he has to say about AI and future earning opportunities. Check out the full session (watch time: 12:10).

AI: A Boon to the Best and Brightest

Because every company is becoming a digital-marketing company, businesses that don’t embrace every available tool risk obsolescence. This is the experience of Mark Penn, CEO and political strategist for Stagwell Group, and former chief strategy officer for Microsoft. During his session at C Space Studio in Las Vegas last January, he further observed that the value of expert analysis is rising sharply as business challenges become more complex. Only the highly skilled can solve today’s myriad conflicts and challenges while AI handles the drudge work
Penn should know. His firm is a Nasdaq-listed $2.5 billion digital-first marketing concern with 14,000 employees. He built it with backing from Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO. Among the topics he discusses, Penn shares what digital marketers get wrong – and right – in his C Space session (watch time: 10:35).

AI for a Better Driving Experience

Personalization may be the single most compelling market driver in the world of mobility. Our cars are becoming our second homes. We want constant connectivity on the road with unimpaired access to the immersive content we favor. Technology company Xperi’s connected-car division crafts those experiences for digital radio.
AI helps bring those experiences to life. Jeff Jury, Xperi senior VP and general manager, discusses personalization via AI-powered, in-cabin sensing tech that also improves the safety, comfort and security of those aboard. How does Xperi pull it off? Jury explains in his C Space session (watch time: 12:14).

As artificial intelligence develops, businesses across the technology landscape are leveraging it to advance service delivery. The technology answers customer questions. It offers product suggestions. For creatives, it helps overcome time-consuming obstacles related to research, execution and business development.
But AI requires skilled humans at the helm. As public and private organizations deliberate on best practices for harnessing AI’s power, CTA is working with industry on voluntary standards that encourage ethical AI-driven innovation. To discover more about CTA’s work with industry on AI frameworks, visit our advocacy page. CTA members also are encouraged to explore our Artificial Intelligence Working Group. More on-demand sessions from C Space Studio are available here.

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