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Salesforce on Data Magic and Customer Commitment

Overview CES Tech Talk podcast, in its sixth season, features interviews with industry experts who bring you an insider’s look at what’s new and trending in the world of consumer electronics, and at CES. New episodes drop weekly. Subscribe via your favorite podcast platform to get the latest. This week, find out how Salesforce transforms businesses through data wizardry. Salesforce's Domenico D’Ambrosio explains the transformative powers of advanced analytics, generative AI and customer commitment.

Customer-obsessed Salesforce corrals data, AI and some of the world’s smartest platforms to help businesses worldwide achieve greatness. As explained by Salesforce’s Domenico D’Ambrosio, the company is blending deeply immersive experiences and highly advanced analytics with old-fashioned human contact to help businesses build better cars, attract and retain customers, and dominate their competitive landscapes. It’s all a delicate balance that D’Ambrosio discusses in episode 16, Salesforce Insights on Understanding Your Customer, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.


  • In 2023, manufacturers can look forward to a platform that will help them create powerful connected-car experiences as a result of Salesforce’s newly announced partnership with Qualcomm
  • The recently-released Genie, a new data platform, provides real-time CRM to connect buyers and prospects with the right product and representative quickly, and with precision
  • Through the acquisition of Slack, Salesforce is expanding its virtual-environment and hybrid workspace capabilities while helping businesses better manage sales pipelines and customer service  

They Said It

I run a global industry advisory team that's focused primarily on understanding the industry at a very deep level in the comms media and tech space so we can continue to show up in front of the customer the right way. Not just talking about our business, but truly understanding theirs.

Domenico D’Ambrosio (00:46)

When you think about our core values as a company, everything from trust, customer success, innovation, sustainability -- you may have even seen in our recent Team Earth ads -- we understand we have an obligation. We firmly believe that business is the greatest platform for change, and we have to continue to use that to do what my dad has always taught me, which is we have to leave the campsite better than it was before.

Domenico D’Ambrosio (08:23)

Salesforce at CES 2023

Salesforce exhibited and spoke at CES 2023, addressing technologies and solutions for the automotive and Web3 sectors. The company unveiled Commerce Cloud and demonstrated Automotive Cloud that, collectively, will boost capabilities for online sales, car buying, driving and servicing. Also notable, and enabled by the Salesforce Automotive Cloud, the company announced a partnership with Qualcomm for the design of a new vehicle platform targeted to automakers. Incorporating Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis, the intelligent and connected platform will help manufacturers create immersive and customizable experiences using comprehensive data, predictive services, real-time alerts and more.

Domenico D’Ambrosio, Senior VP, Salesforce

Domenico D’Ambrosio is senior vice president and global head advisor for the communications and media industries at Salesforce. An industry veteran with more than 23 years of experience, Domenico leads a team of global industry advisors charged with guiding and sharing innovative industry insights with customers. He and his team do so through thought leadership, strategy and collaboration.
Before joining Salesforce, Domenico worked for Charter Communications where he led, among other things, mobile operations and the alliance organization that created alignment with companies including Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon.

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