Logitech: Look, Sound and Play Like a Pro

Overview CES Tech Talk podcast, in its sixth season, features interviews with industry experts who bring you an insider’s look at what’s new and trending in the world of consumer electronics, and at CES. New episodes drop weekly. Subscribe via your favorite podcast platform to get the latest. This week, discover how a computer accessories company particularly known for webcams boosts the brand against steep competition. Logitech Global CMO Najoh Tita-Reid shares insights.

A go-to brand for gamers as well as home-office workers everywhere, Logitech succeeds by simply giving consumers what they want, and doing so at reasonable price points. Logitech is a “human-centric company,” says Global CMO Najoh Tita-Reid, that makes marketing and development decisions based on feedback from customers and influencers. Najoh discusses how Logitech succeeds by equipping the world with professional-caliber tools for gaming, creating and working. Check out her points of view in episode 17, Logitech Delivers Tools for a Creative Generation, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.


  • As Logitech continues to deliver computer gear that helps amateurs look and sound like A-list performers, the company is convinced that hybrid work is here to stay, driven particularly by younger workers who demand professional and creative flexibility
  • Logitech partners with, rather than uses, influencers and creators to bring the brand to life, an approach that deviates dramatically from traditional models that rigidly hold all aspects of brand expression and evolution
  • With tools designed for the metaverse as well as the home office, Logitech works to put the human in the center of the action via advanced yet affordable webcams, mice and keyboards

They Said It

[The Logitech] brand is all about enabling all people to pursue their passions. And in 2023 it will be no different. It is such an amazing privilege to be able to help consumers and customers pursue their passions in different ways. And I think in 2023 we'll continue to be more relevant than we've ever been across how people play, how people work, how people live.

Najoh Tita-Reid (00:43)

…[A]t Logitech we look to say, how do we make sure that we continue to allow people to work and play and create in a new realm using our products…We have a keyboard that is live in the metaverse. We have a partnership with Oculus where we have a headset and we've got speakers and we're able to enable that VR experience in an essential way.

Najoh Tita-Reid (08:16)

Logitech at CES 2023

CTA member Logitech exhibited equipment and solutions from several booths at the Venetian. The company also received Innovation Awards for products that enhance experiences across streaming, audio and hybrid work. Innovation Award winners from Logitech were Litra Beam, Blue Sona, Logi Dock and UE DROPS. 

Najoh Tita-Reid, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Logitech

As global CMO for Logitech, Najoh Tita-Reid is responsible for worldwide marketing, brand equity, creative, branded and DTC ecommerce sites, as well as for marketing transformation. Prior to this role, she was Logitech’s global marketing reinvention leader at Logitech, designing and implementing the company’s first global commercial marketing organization. Before joining Logitech, Najoh served in senior-level positions at companies including Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Merck and Procter & Gamble. She holds an MBA from Duke University and a B.A. from Spelman College.

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