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Ad Council: Creativity With Impact

Overview CES Tech Talk podcast, in its sixth season, features interviews with industry experts who bring you an insider’s look at what’s new and trending in the world of consumer electronics, and at CES. New episodes drop weekly. Subscribe via your favorite podcast platform to get the latest. This week’s topic explores how the Ad Council affects social behavior through creative, cause-driven advertisements.

Many have seen these ads across nearly every promotional platform: Fight forest fires, says Smoky Bear. The Crash Test Dummies graphically demonstrate what can happen when you don’t buckle your seat belt. Those ads and more are the product of the Ad Council’s many creative minds. This serial award-winning nonprofit conjures campaigns with enduring impact. They sway social behavior. Ashley Menschner, media VP for the council, shares ways this deeply committed organization speaks to our better selves. She also discusses what’s on the roadmap in episode 20, The Ad Council Connects Audiences to Causes, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.


  • Launched in 1942 as the War Advertising Council, the organization got its start producing media messages that supported the war effort
  • Following on last year’s Ad Council campaign for COVID vaccine education, the nonprofit will work to again galvanize industry behind mental health, its next “Big Pillar” initiative
  • The Ad Council proudly received a record gift recently of $15 million from the Huntsman Mental Health Institute, a very good start toward a goal of raising $65 million over the next seven years to address mental health
  • While Ad Council messages are often seen on TV screens, billboards and other traditional platforms, look for more of them on social media sites including Twitch and, maybe one day soon, in a metaverse community you or your kids frequent

They Said It

The Ad Council is the leading nonprofit that uses the power of communications to drive social change. So we work cross-sector, bringing together the media, advertising, tech [and] entertainment industries to address the most pressing social issues of our time. So whether that's addiction, gun safety, soon to be mental health, it's really rallying the industry behind causes.

Ashley Menschner (00:48)

Everywhere there's advertising, we are [there], or anywhere people are consuming content. So obviously the big platform partners -- Amazon, Meta, Google -- are all of our partners, but also the little up-and-coming gaming companies that are testing out advertising in their product; we will work with them as well.

Ashley Menschner (03:36)

The Ad Council at CES 2023

The Ad Council had meeting space at CES 2023. Also, Laurie Keith, council VP of emerging media and technology, addressed Technology for Good on a panel at the Female Quotient’s Equality Lounge in Las Vegas. 

Ashley Menschner, Senior VP, Media

As Ad Council lead for the organization’s media outreach team, Ashley directs centers of excellence including national media accounts, multicultural media strategy and more. Prior to joining the Ad Council, she was part of the HBO marketing team that helped launch HBO Go. 

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