TikTok Brings Creativity, Community to Gameplay

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On TikTok, there’s never a dull moment for gaming enthusiasts. Now a one-stop platform for gaming creators, viewers and players, TikTok boasts more than 3.6 trillion video views of this content. TikTok’s Rema Vasan credits the site’s welcoming culture that blends community and user-friendly experiences for players and creators, alike. She discusses how producers and audiences engage through cosplay, gameplay tips and more. The platform is unsurpassed in fostering deep interactivity across its audiences.

In season 7, episode 14, TikTok Levels Up In Gaming, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series, Rema explains how TikTok cultivates audiences. She also offers insights on keeping experiences fresh.

Top Five Takeaways

  • The growth of the overall gaming population is stratospheric. This multi-billion-dollar business supports more than 3.38 billion players globally out of the roughly 8 billion people on the planet. Gaming is expected to haul in more than $187 billion by year’s end.
  • In 2022, 50% of TikTok’s daily active users viewed some form of gaming content. Also, while TikTok is a mobile-first platform, that doesn’t keep PC gamers away; 76% of gamers on TikTok play PC and console games on a weekly basis.
  • TikTok’s gaming community is highly diverse, particularly with regard to generations. TikTok research showed a skew toward Gen Z and millennials, but also that a vast numbers of both Gen X and Baby Boomers are avid gamers.
  • Stressing inclusivity on TikTok, Rema tells of a particular creator on TikTok called @tacticalgramma. As a member of the Baby Boom generation, she showed that gamers come from many walks of life, and created a robust community for people of all backgrounds and generations. Her video-game streams have captured more than 32 billion views, a performance that underscores the diversity of TikTok’s gaming community.  
  • For CES 2024, TikTok will have meeting space at ARIA where company experts plan to connect with clients and partners. For marketers, TikTok will be ready to assist in planning full-funnel and brand-building strategies for the year ahead.

They Said It

“Gaming is huge; it’s very much mainstream with the number of gamers worldwide, and gaming on TikTok is a cultural phenomenon that many, many diverse audiences are partaking in.”
Rema Vasan (02:51)
“I would say gamers on TikTok are also passionate about PC, console games as well…[N]ot only do they play the games, they talk about the games, they post content about the games, they share elements about the culture of the game, whether it's a mobile game or a PC, console game. That, I think, is the magic of gaming on TikTok, it’s the way the culture of the game really comes to life, not just the traditional gameplay.”
Rema Vasan (05:46)

Rema Vasan, Head of Global Gaming Business Marketing, TikTok

As TikTok lead for gaming marketing, Rema is responsible for marketing solutions that enable the gaming industry to deliver full-funnel business objectives through culturally-relevant creative storytelling. Prior to TikTok, Rema led global marketing for globally known brands that include Pfizer, P&G, J&J, GlaxoSmithKline and Coty. She has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and North America, championing innovative creative work and business-driving ideas, capabilities and innovations. As an immigrant and woman of color, Rema passionately believes and invests in the power of mentorship to elevate high-potential talent.

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