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Smart Tech is Beautiful in Kohler Kitchens, Baths

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The bath of tomorrow offers consumers a spa-like experience at the touch of a button or simple voice command. For the kitchen and bath, smart faucets do more than turn on or off as if by magic. That’s what Kohler brings to market for discriminating consumers seeking accessibility and wellness features that also save water and energy without compromising design. As Kohler’s Stephanie Knuth explains, the future of faucets, sinks, showers and toilets is beautiful, smart and good for you.
Find out what you may have been missing in the two rooms you probably use the most, rooms where cleanliness is as important as aesthetics. It’s all in season 7, episode 15, Kohler: Beautiful and Smart in the Kitchen, Bath, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.  

Top Four Takeaways

  • Demonstrating what the humble toilet can really be, Kohler will exhibit the Numi 2.0 at CES 2024. It features a lid that opens and closes automatically and is equipped with self-cleaning wands. Its sleek design makes it a show piece that is as hygienic as it is beautiful.
  • Kohler Konnect will set the water virtually any way you want it in the bath. All you have to do is tell it to start, and step in. For both kitchen and bath, the water will be the temperature you want at the pressure you want, and will run for as long as you want.
  • Simplified installation was a Kohler priority. While the company’s smart features and products may involve opening a wall, all that’s needed is switching out a traditional mechanical valve with one that’s digital. Stephanie points out that many plumbers find that the installation is time-saving and results in customers happy with a reliable end result.
  • Kohler has added aromatherapy with its recently-launched Sprig Wellness brand. Sprig is a device that infuses a calming fragrance into the shower to amplify the spa experience at home.

They Said It

“[We’ve gone] from a very static, on-off, lever handle to voice activation - touchless designs that integrate technology in a way that's not intrusive. It's very intuitive. I think that's been the fun evolution we've seen recently. And then, as we look to the future, it's taking cues from what we're seeing out in maybe industries outside of plumbing, kitchen and bath and understanding where there's opportunity to continue to elevate experiences and functionality and deliver great-functioning products in new, unique ways.”
Stephanie Knuth (01:48)
“[A] major focus for Kohler Company is really to enhance overall wellness through the products and services that we bring to the market. And, so, the idea of self-care is absolutely something that we're leaning into, and that our consumers are resonating with across many of our categories…[W]ithin the bathing space, the ultimate self-care product that we've introduced is our Stillness Bath, and that's featuring experiences of light, sound, aroma altogether in a really amazing, beautifully ergonomically shaped bathtub with flowing water, an infinity waterscape over the edges of the bath.”
Stephanie Knuth (14:48)

Stephanie Knuth, VP & GM for North America Faucets, Kohler

Stephanie Knuth serves as vice president and GM – North America Faucets - for Kohler Co. In this role, she is responsible for driving the overall product strategy for Kohler brand kitchen and bathroom faucets, showering and accessories categories. Her focus on portfolio management includes delivering the new product innovation roadmap, aligning priorities across the categories, and managing overall growth, vitality and profitability metrics. Stephanie has an MBA from Concordia University in Wisconsin and a BBA in integrated supply management from Western Michigan University.