Cloud Gaming: Controllers, Consoles Are Optional

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Gaming is getting more attainable with Samsung Gaming Hub, the streaming platform that’s a one-stop-shop for interactive experiences. Announced at CES 2022, the hub offers immersive experiences minus the additional cost and cables associated with consoles and controllers. The platform also accommodates players who prefer their gaming gear as they sample some 3000-plus titles. What else is new as gaming evolves? Find out from Samsung, Blacknut and CTA experts in season 7, episode 6, Cloud Control: Unleashing the Future of Gaming, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.

Top Five Takeaways

  • Blacknut, a Samsung family-friendly partner, now offers a cloud-gaming library of more than 700 titles. Available with a free subscription, the service’s benefits include the ability to discover new content without committing to a purchase.
  • Partnerships, such as Samsung’s with Blacknut, are fueling demand among audiences craving a never-ending stream of immersive experiences. As CTA’s Brian Comiskey points out, the U.S. gaming software and services market is expected to reach $48.6 billion in 2023.     
  • Samsung and partners are focused on winning and keeping audiences by giving them what they want -- when and how they want it. The Samsung Gaming Hub accommodates consoles and controllers for those who prefer to use them. It also speeds access to content while eliminating concerns about storage.
  • As generative AI continues to deploy across the gaming landscape, expect experiences to improve as development cycles shorten for increasingly immersive interactions.
  • Look for gaming mega trends to be revealed at CES 2024 as gaming continues to converge with TV and movies. At the show’s Central Hall, gaming and metaverse exhibitors will show their latest innovations while entertainment companies will unveil new offerings at C Space in the Venetian. 

They Said It

“With Samsung Gaming Hub… You've got all those great services sitting side-by-side. So at the end of the day, it's really about choice for gamers and really giving them the best games, the best ways of interacting with them for the game type, and also other forms of gaming entertainment like Twitch or YouTube gaming. So, it brings all things gaming together in one place in a very user-friendly environment. We just announced that game streaming is available on 21 million TVs around the world.”
Mike Lucero (04:20)
“I would say cloud gaming is this: It opens content access to a larger audience, to more people that don't really care about hardware. They just want the good content, and they don't want to manage the technical part of gaming…That means for Blacknut you can start your game on the Samsung TV and then go on holiday and continue on your Samsung mobile or other mobile tablet…and join your game exactly where you were on another device. This is so great in terms of freedom for the consumer.”
Daphné Parot (10:35)
“The [gaming] experience has improved and the technology is improving interest…From our future of gaming study at CTA: 41% of gamers are interested in gaming experiences on a VR headset, and 29% plan to purchase a VR headset in the next 12 months. So, the interest and the want is also there now, so that's the convergence of interest, tech, experience…that’s going to shape the future landscape of immersive gaming.”
Brian Comiskey (27:26)

Mike Lucera, Head of Product Management for Gaming, Samsung

As head of product for gaming at Samsung, Mike Lucero leads development and delivery of new gaming experiences on Samsung smart TVs and Galaxy mobile devices. Since joining Samsung, Lucero conceived and delivered the Samsung Gaming Hub for Samsung smart TVs, allowing gamers to enjoy world-class gaming-streaming services on their TVs, no console required. Lucero also leads product for mobile where he is bringing innovative experiences to world’s billion Samsung Galaxy devices.


Daphné Parot, Chief Marketing Officer, Blacknut

Blacknut marketing lead Daphné Parot is responsible for accelerating the growth of this cloud gaming leader with deployments in more than 45 countries. In this capacity, she directs B2B distribution partnerships with service providers and hardware manufacturers. She has 20-plus years of experience in digital and performance marketing that is driven by data.


Brian Comiskey, Director of Thematic Programs, CTA

Brian Comiskey directs the thematic indexes developed and maintained by CTA and Nasdaq. Covering a variety of sectors including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud computing and robotics, he and his team manage a portfolio of 15 thematic indexes with 20 products tracking these indexes across listings in more than a dozen countries. Prior to joining CTA, Brian consulted for the United States Coast Guard on digital transformation and cybersecurity policy.

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