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Media Innovations are Redefining Advertising 

Overview As audiences adopt new ways to engage with entertainment, advertisers are forced to find innovative ways to draw attention to their brands and increase sales. Discover how companies like Roku and Samba TV are guiding advertisers through uncharted territory. 

Fueled by stay-at-home requirements, the transition from traditional media to new media gained momentum during the pandemic. And, as content consumption transformed, advertisers have had to adapt — leaning on technology to find new ways to reach audiences. 

Experience Groundbreaking Entertainment Tech at CES® 2022 

Industry leaders experienced revolutionary changes at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Packed with innovative thinkers, CES 2022 hosted the world's foremost brands, advertisers, media platforms and content creators as they showcased their disruptive tech trends.

"As consumers are looking for a real, raw and sincere connection to brands and companies, advertisers have quickly had to adapt from their traditional model to a more digital advertising feel," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA®. 

Joining the Advertising, Entertainment and Content communities were CTA member companies and CES exhibitors at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.  

Roku Reimagines Television Advertising 

Having pioneered the digital media player market, industry powerhouse Roku once again paved a new path. 

Looking to break the historical one-size-fits-all television advertising mold, Roku demonstrated its push into automatic content recognition (ACR) and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) to help marketers reach the right audience.  

Using viewer habits and browsing activity data provided by Roku's advanced systems, marketers were able to develop campaigns hyper-targeted to their key demographics. And, with the robust Roku Ad Manager dashboard, campaigns could be set up quickly and seamlessly, allowing for flexible budget control and the ability to measure and optimize campaign performance in real time.  

Roku's innovative advertising approach showcased pushing traditional television marketing into the digital advertising age. 

Samba TV Continues to Revolutionize Marketing 

With consumers turning to televisions and tablets, and phones and PCs to consume content, media buying has become more complex than ever. But Eureka Park success story, Samba TV, is staying ahead of the curve. Samba TV has also powered software in TV devices spanning 24 companies, giving advertisers a comprehensive look at demographics across more than 40 million devices.  

On top of using automatic content recognition in its software, Samba TV showcased, among other things, SambaID, providing its network of partners and marketers the ability to trade data currency from its findings. 

The technology can decipher the ever-increasing consumer portfolio and provide specific IDs and measurements to marketers looking to better target their desired audiences. This was just one of the many innovations shown off at CES 2022. 

See You at CES 2023

CES returned home to Las Vegas in 2022, welcoming over 44,000 in-person attendees, with 40,000 joining the event digitally. The show was a true global event, with attendees representing 133 countries. Watch the keynote speeches, conference sessions, and more highlights from the show, now available on-demand. 

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