CES 2023: A Show for a Better World

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CES is a place where the impossible becomes possible. It’s where the future takes a tangible, attainable form on the show floor. Even as businesses and tech consumers strain against economic, political and pandemic challenges, they look to CES for discovery and inspiration. Listen as event executives, including President and CEO Gary Shapiro, discuss how CES 2023 is showcasing more than new tech products; it’s fostering change at a global scale as a platform for genius, inclusion and connection. It’s all here in episode 12, CES 2023: What to Expect, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.
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  • CES is, as Gary puts it, a “beacon of hope and optimism” that starts the new year on a positive note with opportunities for closing deals and building business relationships that may one day change your company or even the world
  • CES is many shows within a show – entire halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) feature specific technologies and solutions in one section, such as West Hall for transportation and mobility exhibitors
  • Beyond product launches and media interviews, CES is a forum for policy and diplomacy – this year, as in the past, the show convenes high-level officials from across the globe
  • Show executive Kinsey Fabrizio takes listeners on a mini-tour of the exhibit spaces, summarizing what to see in the West Hall, North Hall, Central Hall and, beyond LVCC, Venetian Expo and ARIA

They Said It

For anyone who goes there, I think CES is a beacon of hope and optimism. It starts the new year not only on a positive note, but on a note where you realize that you could cut deals, and you could do things, you could be inspired, you could find partners, you could establish business relationships which will change your company or even change the world.

Gary Shapiro (00:00)

[O]ur members are thinking a lot about how their companies are solving some of the world's biggest challenges, and that really lines up with the theme of CES, partnering with a U.N. partner, the World Academy of Art and Science, around how tech is solving some of the world's biggest challenges. You're going to see that show up [at CES 2023] from our members. They're creating solutions for healthcare access and delivery. They're creating solutions for environmental sustainability and access to food. I think that's something that's different this year that we're looking forward to.

Kinsey Fabrizio (08:46)

[P]art of the magic of CES is just the ability for people from around the world from all different industries to come together to meet, to have high-level conversations about technology. CES really, at its core, is a show of big ideas…People will continue to have these ideas despite all these headwinds and macro pressures that they may face throughout life. People are going to continue to dream. They're going to continue to have big ideas, and there's no better place to see that on display than at CES.

John T. Kelley (21:31)

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® at CES 2023

Don’t miss the CTA Stage at the LVCC Grand Lobby for conferences and features that include Gary’s Book Club. To learn more about CTA Stage, check out the CES Sessions and Events Schedule and select CTA Stage under the TRACK listings. 


Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, CTA

Gary Shapiro is an acclaimed author, lobbyist, and president and CEO of CTA which owns and produces the CES, the Global Stage for Innovation. He is the author of best-selling books and more than 800 opinion pieces highlighting the importance of innovation in the U.S. economy.


Kinsey Fabrizio, Sr. VP, Membership, Sales and Marketing, CTA

Kinsey has been with CTA for more than a decade, most recently leading the growth of CTA membership. In her current position, Kinsey is responsible for much of the CTA and CES revenue. 


John T. Kelley, VP and Acting Show Director, CES

John has held multiple positions in his 14 years with CTA, including full responsibility for CES Asia and several international programs. He is currently responsible for running all aspects of CES events including operations, conferences and all international components. 

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