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Sleep Number Climate360® Smart Bed

Company: Sleep Number
Category: Smart Home


Sleep Number’s new Climate360® smart bed creates a personalized microclimate that balances temperature and optimizes the body’s natural sleep cycles to analyze and respond to the user’s sleep health.

Sleep Number aims to address the problems many users have with sleeping temperature, which causes discomfort and restlessness. The technology in the Climate360® allows users on each side of the mattress to heat and cool their side and create a personalized temperature control for the best sleep.

An improved sleep surface with new textiles offers more breathability than traditional mattresses and promises a cooler and more comfortable environment for rest.


The Tech Behind It

Through a proprietary ducting system and airflow technology embedded in the mattress that exhausts trapped air, as well as an evaporative cooling process, Climate360® provides up to 12 degrees of cooling and can warm up to 100 degrees.

DualAir™ technology allows individuals and couples to select the ideal level of firmness and support for the body on their side of the bed, based on their individual needs and preferences.

ResponsiveAir™ intelligently senses a sleeper’s every move, allowing it to automatically adjust firmness and support that contours to the user’s body throughout the night and maintain ideal spinal alignment.

The smart bed also collects millions of nightly biometric data points, measuring average heart rate, breathing and sleep trends, and providing monthly wellness reports with personalized recommendations for sleep and health improvements. It also shows sleepers how to optimize their Climate360® smart bed’s features to improve their sleep experience and ultimately decrease stress. The data can be further shared with health care professionals who can use information to better assist the user.

Looking ahead to early 2020, Sleep Number is also aiming to expand to voice activation solutions to enhance the sleep experience.

See Sleep Number at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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