Zen-P VSLAM Deep Learning Module

Company: Bot3, Inc.

Category: Embedded Technologies


Bot3’s Zen-P VSLAM Deep Learning Module can be integrated with all kinds of robots to provide indoor mapping, positioning and trackless autonomous navigation. The learning technology empowers the robots with self-awareness, smart navigation, machine learning and image computing.

The module can be used for commercial robots, such as robotic vacuum cleaners; industrial robots that are used in manufacturing and product assembly; and service robots in hospitals, hotels and restaurants.
The VSLAM software allows users to plan tasks for the robot to complete or command their robots to move from one position to another in real time or to a pre-set location.

At its core, the VSLAM Module enables the robot to know its location, determine where to go and identify what path to take.


The Tech Behind It

VLSAM uses visualizations of the ceiling as a constellation for the robot through algorithms, artificial intelligence and noise prediction, allowing the robot to navigate without getting lost.
Bot3 VSLAM showcases advanced features:

  • Real-time localization and mapping: Multi-frame imaging is used to estimate the position and distance of an object, which provides accurate and reliable positioning information to a cloud.

  • Multidimensional feature extraction: Paired with 3D modeling, feature extraction technology improves the stability and accuracy of VSLAM.

  • Real-time 3D dynamic modeling: Object models captured by the camera are constructed in real-time.

  • Intelligent selective learning and agile ambient compensation: Machine learning helps the robot compensate for complicated indoor environments, and ambient lighting algorithms allow robots to perform in various lighting conditions.

  • Kidnap detection and recovery: Robots can accurately identify their latest position when they are moved, powered off or restarted.

The VSLAM module empower robots with vision, allowing them to need less human correction and perform more versatile tasks that require increased spatial awareness and navigation.

See Bot3 at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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