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Who Can Attend

CES is a trade-only event for individuals 18 years of age or older and affiliated with the consumer technology industry. All registrants must follow health and safety protocols while at CES 2024. Learn more

  • CES is not open to the general public.  

  • Friends, family and children under the age of 18 will not be granted access to the event.  

  • To attend CES, you must meet the registration requirements set for your individual registration type – industry attendeemedia or exhibitor. ​

Exhibits Plus Pass

(Industry Attendee Only)

The Exhibits Plus Pass provides access to the CES 2024 exhibit floor, keynotes, Great Minds sessions and select conference programming on a first-come, first-served basis. To attend additional conference programming, you may purchase the Deluxe Conference Pass or an individual conference track in the fall.  

If your company is exhibiting at CES 2024 and you are planning to work as Exhibitor Personnel, connect with your Registration Coordinator to learn more on how to register. 

  • Sept. 12-Dec. 5: $149

  • Dec. 6-Jan. 12: $350


​What’s included: 
  • Exhibit floor  

  • Keynotes*  

  • Great Minds sessions*  

  • Select conference programming

  • Research Summit*

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Deluxe Conference Pass


The Deluxe Conference Pass provides the highest level of access and flexibility to attend a variety of sessions. Attend four days of conference programming at CES, including 100+ sessions and curated tracks in addition to Exhibits Plus Pass access.  

If your company is exhibiting at CES 2024 and are planning to work as Exhibitor Personnel, connect with your Registration Coordinator to learn more. Deluxe Conference Pass maybe added on to you exhibitor personnel registration. 

  • Sept. 12-Dec. 5: $1400

  • Dec. 6-Jan.12: $1700 ​

What’s included: 
  • Everything in the Exhibits Plus Pass, and...

  • Four days of CES Conference Programming, including 100+ sessions* 

  • Curated conference tracks* 

  • Partner Programming*

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*Seating available on a first-come, first-served basis


Registration Add-Ons

Enhance your CES 2024 experience by adding some of the opportunities below to your CES registration. 

  • Deluxe Conference Pass Interested in attending all of our conference programming? This pass takes you ALL IN to experince the full scope of what our schedule has to offer.

  • Individual Conference Tracks Interested in a particular topic? You can also add conference tracks on an individual basis to your Exhibits Plus Pass. Learn more about the conference tracks we have at CES 2024.

  • Show Floor Tours Make the most of every moment of your time at CES by taking a show floor tour guided by one of our subject matter experts.

  • Inside CES 2024 – Trends and Takeaways Report This report offers an in-depth look into our time's most pressing tech trends and the immense opportunities they present. Pre-order your copy today by adding it to your CES registration. This exclusive report is electronically delivered within two weeks after CES 2024.

Use your CTA/CES Account to sign in to your registration and select any of these add-ons or conference programming to see all we have to offer.


Consumer Technology Association logoSave 25% on Deluxe Conference Passes with CTA Membership

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® Members save 25% on the Deluxe Conference Pass. At CES, CTA members also have exclusive access to member lounges with private meetings rooms, refreshments and seating, plus an invitation to the CTA member party.   

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An industry attendee is non-media and is not participating in an exhibitor booth or suite. Industry attendees may select from the Exhibits Plus Pass or Deluxe Conference Pass to make the most of their CES experience. To register as an industry attendee, proof of industry affiliation is required. 

Proof of Industry Affiliation 

CES will accept any of the following credentials as proof of your industry affiliation. Please do not submit any private or personal information.   

  • Business card that matches the name of the company you are representing.   

  • Verification of your employment on company letterhead.   

  • Link to your company website showing your name on an employee roster. Company websites without employee rosters will not be accepted. 

  • Link to recent media article (print, digital, broadcast) that you wrote or in which you were quoted or cited as an industry professional; article must be published within the last year.   

CES will not accept credentials that do not associate you with the company you are representing. CES reserves the right to request additional business credentials if deemed necessary.   

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Who Can Register as Media 

Media registration at CES will be granted to working media that cover consumer technology (across any vertical).   

Media accreditation will not be granted to publishers, general managers, account managers, sales representatives, brand ambassadors, PR/marketing and non-editorial media professionals or anyone whose principal purpose for attending CES is for reasons other than covering the show as working news media.   

Proof of Media Affiliation  

CES will accept any of the following credentials as proof of your media affiliation. Do not submit any private or personal information. If you do not meet these specific media requirements, please register as an Industry Attendee.   

Employed by Media Company   

  • Three articles published within the last nine (9) months with your byline.    

  • Letter from editor or producer on station/network letterhead or from a company email address that states you are covering CES on assignment.   

  • An about page or masthead from newspaper, publication or blog listing you as an editorial contributor.    

Industry Analyst

  • Article published within the past nine (9) months with your byline.   

  • ​Article published within the past nine (9) months quoting you as an industry analyst.  

  • Cover of a market research report from the past nine (9) months listing you as a contributor.  

  • ​Reports must be made independently and not solicited by exhibiting companies.   

Digital Content Creator  

  • A recent monthly traffic/follower report from the platform verifying your account and traffic activity documenting the minimum views, followers or streams listed below by platform 

    • 50,000 or more monthly views on TikTok; OR

    • 40,000 or more monthly views on YouTube; OR

    • 25,000 or more Instagram followers; OR

    • 25,000 or more Twitter followers; OR

    • 25,000 or more LinkedIn followers AND

      • Three tech-centered articles on LinkedIn; OR
      • Named one of LinkedIn "Top Voices" in Technology category within the last 6 year

    • 10,000 or more monthly podcast streams.
    • 70 or more Average Concurrent Viewership (ACV) on Twitch

    Individuals providing production support for digital content creators (i.e., videographers) must register under the production/contractor path.


    • Three articles published within the last nine (9) months with your byline.  

    • Letter from editor or producer on station/network letterhead or from a company email address that states you are covering CES on assignment.  

    • An about page or masthead from newspaper or publication listing you as an editorial contributor.   
      Communities, forums, newsletters and user groups will not be considered for media accreditation.   


    • An article or blog post published within the past nine (9) months with your byline.   

    • Online Media must also provide a recent monthly traffic report from an external web analytics service like Google Analytics (or its equivalent), verifying the online publication get 10,000 or more unique visitors monthly (UVM).  


    • Letter from editor or producer on station/network or company letterhead stating that you are working at CES.   

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Interested in being an exhibitor at CES 2024? Apply to exhibit or learn more

Those working at a company’s booth must register for CES as Exhibitor Personnel. Exhibitor Personnel badges include access to the exhibit floor during move-in and show hours as well as access to keynote addresses, Great Minds sessions, and select conference programming on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • To attend additional conference programming, individual exhibitor personnel may purchase the enhanced Deluxe Conference Pass or individual tracks to upgrade their CES experience.

Individual exhibitor personnel must work directly with the person managing registration for their company to receive an Exhibitor Personnel badge and should not register as an industry attendee or sign up for the Exhibits Plus Pass. All exhibitor personnel must be 18 years of age or older. 

Confirmed CES 2024 Exhibitors – Personnel Registration Process 

Once exhibit space is secured, the Primary Contact will receive an automated email with instructions to sign into the Exhibitor Dashboard. Once signed in, the Primary Contact can assign a Registration Coordinator. This person may be the same or different from the Primary Contact. The Registration Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Registering themselves for CES 2024.

  • Controlling the company’s exhibitor personnel badge allotment.

  • Inviting exhibitor personnel to complete their own registration.

  • Retrieve customized Top Ten and Customer Invitation promotion codes to invite your guests. Customer Invitation codes offer $149 off the cost of registration. 

  • Ordering lead retrieval for capturing valuable leads on-site.

Exhibitor Personnel registration can only be accessed through the Exhibitor Dashboard. The Registration Coordinator must initiate registration for each exhibitor personnel using their first name, last name, business job title and email address. An email will be sent inviting the exhibitor personnel to complete their registration.

  • Individual exhibitor personnel must complete their own registration. It is critical that the invited registrant uses the email address that the invite was sent to in order to be recognized as part of a company’s exhibit and be recognized as Exhibitor Personnel. Exhibitor personnel who do not use the same email address that was used to initiate their registration will be registered as Industry Attendees and asked to pay the Exhibits Plus Pass fee and will not have access to the show floor during move-in or dismantle hours on-site.

  • If the Registration Coordinator is attending CES, they must complete their own registration as indicated in the Registration Dashboard.

  • View the Exhibitor Registration Guides and learn how to register your Exhibitor Personnel through the Exhibitor Dashboard and how to pick up badges on-site.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors

Exhibitor-appointed contractors (EACs) are any non-official vendors hired by exhibiting companies. Register an EAC.

All completed registrations will receive a confirmation email. Confirmation emails include a QR code, please save the confirmation email QR code for expedited badge pick up on-site. QR codes may be saved to the digital wallet of your choice. Registrations without a photo will not be printed on-site.

The following items are required for all CES registrants.  

  • Proof of Industry Affiliation: In order for your registration to be approved to attend CES, you must submit current industry or media credentials to show your affiliation with the consumer technology industry. Please have this ready to upload when you register.  

  • Unique email address: A unique email address for each registrant is required. Note: Those who created a CES Account in 2020,2022 or 2023 should reuse their account from prior years if your email has not changed. 

  • Photo Identification: Badges will feature a photo ID. Please have a recent headshot ready to upload when you register.   

  • Date of birth: In line with guidance from federal law enforcement and industry best practices, we require date of birth for all CES registrants. 

Everyone in attendance must upload a photo to be printed on your CES badge. Badges will not be printed without a recent photo headshot.   

Having Trouble Uploading a Photo? 

Make sure the photo you’re attempting to upload is a recent headshot. Offensive or obscene photos will be declined and will not be printed. Photos of cartoons, caricatures or avatars will not be accepted.   

  • Make sure the photo is an approved format type - .jpg, .png, or .gif and below the maximum size of 5 MB.    

  • Use a clear, color image of your face. Do not use filters.   

  • Photos of cartoons, caricatures or avatars will not be accepted.   

  • Zoom in to your face, especially if there is a busy or distracting background.   

  • Wearing hats or sunglasses are discouraged and may cause your photo to be declined.   

If you are still having trouble uploading your photo to your CES registration, submit your inquiry to Be sure to include your name and registration ID for assistance.   

Do not upload sensitive personal information in the photo or proof of industry affiliation section of registration.  

  • CES badges are never mailed in advance of the show.  

  • All individuals must pick up their own badge at a remote badge pickup location prior to arriving at a CES show venue.  

  • You will not be able to pick up badges on behalf of anyone else. Group badge pick up will not be available.  

  • A valid government-issued photo ID will be required to pick up your badge on-site.  

View badge pickup locations and hours.  

Warning About Registration Scams

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, as the owner and producer of CES, has designated Maritz as the ONLY official registration vendor of CES 2024.

All registration communication will be sent directly from CES. Maritz will not solicit registration services.

CES 2024 Cancellation, Substitution and Refund Policy

Cancellations for paid registrations received in writing by December 14, 2023 are refundable, less a $50 processing fee. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made after December 14, 2023. If you do not cancel by December 14, 2023 and do not attend the Event, you are still responsible for payment. All cancellation requests should be sent to

Substitutions will not be granted for credentialed attendees and media.