As calls to fight climate change intensify, technology companies are finding ways to become part of the solution. Learn more about their ambitious goals and how they’re reducing emissions with improved energy efficiency, responsible recycling and sustainable materials management.

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5G & the Sustainable Future

5G can break the historical link between GDP and greenhouse gas emissions. Experts explain how 5G can help reduce the environmental impact of modern life.


As the world races to full connectivity, CES in Las Vegas is the hub of 5G and IoT technology. Witness awe-inspiring innovations from entrepreneurs and the world’s biggest brands, all designed to create a safe, resilient and sustainable future.

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CES Success Story


Impossible Foods debuted the Impossible Burger 2.0 at CES, gaining unprecedented media coverage for their company.

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Tackling Food Waste With Technology

Tackling Food Waste With Technology

In the US, about $408 billion of food is wasted each year. How can technology help fight waste at the store, on the farm and in our home?

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