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Technology is reshaping the travel and tourism industry by offering endless ways to customize trips and boost guest satisfaction. Explore the tech — including AR/VR, contactless payment, AI and more – that hospitality brands and popular tourist destinations are leaning on to create unforgettable experiences.

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Uber: From Pickup to Purchase - Navigating the New Road of Urban Mobility and Innovation

Explore the dynamic intersection of changing mobility patterns and shifts in consumer behavior, and how these factors are driving business transformation and providing new opportunities for advertisers.

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CES Success Story


Carnival Corporation's OceanMedallion™, designed to customize the cruise for each passenger, is a small wearable powered by a personalization platform. Carnival unveiled the medallion on the CES keynote stage.

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Brunswick Floats Your Boat... And Docks It Too!

Brunswick showcases the latest in on-the-water experiences with a demonstration of their self-docking boat.

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