Registration Information

CES 2019 registration is not open. Registration will be available in September.

Be the first to get your hands on the latest consumer technology at CES, and then hear from industry leaders and visionary speakers at CES conference sessions.

Beware of Registration Scams
The official registration vendor of CES is CompuSystems, Inc. CompuSystems does not contact individuals directly. All registration communication will be sent directly from CES.

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Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ members save 25 percent on the Deluxe Conference Pass and the Starter Conference Pass. At CES, CTA members also have exclusive access to member lounges with private meeting rooms,refreshments and a lot of seating, plus an invitation to the CTA Member Party.
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Registration Guidelines

We are committed to a secure and safe CES experience, and the following guidelines can help you have a smooth registration process.

Special Registration Requirements

  • Date of birth: In line with guidance from federal law enforcement and industry best practices, we are requiring date of birth for all CES registrants.
  • Unique email address: We require a unique, verifiable email address for each registrant.
  • Badge photo: ​CES badges will now feature a photo ID.

On-Site Badge Pickup

We do not mail CES badges in advance of the show. Whether you're an attendee, member of the media, or exhibitor, you'll need to pick up your CES badge at one of the designated locations in Las Vegas.

Badge pickup, on-site registration and customer service areas are located in a number of locations, including at the McCarran Airport and various hotels. 

Attendee Registration | Media Registration | Exhibitor Registration

Attendee Registration

What You Get With Registration

The basic CES attendee registration is an Exhibits Plus Pass, which includes access to CES 2019 exhibitors, keynote addresses, SuperSessions, and any free conference track or session.

To attend additional conference programming, you'll need to purchase an individual conference pass or — for the best value — upgrade a Starter Conference Pass or Deluxe Conference Pass. 

Who Can Attend

CES is a trade-only event for individuals 18 years of age or older and affiliated with the consumer technology industry. CES is not open to the general public.

To attend CES, you must submit your business credentials in advance so that the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, the host of CES, may verify your affiliation with the consumer technology industry.

Proof of Industry Affiliation

CES will accept any of the following credentials as proof of your industry affiliation. Please do not submit any private information.

  • Business card that matches the name of the company you are representing
  • Verification of your employment on company letterhead
  • Link to your company website showing your name on an employee roster
  • Link to a media article (print, digital, broadcast) that you wrote or in which you were quoted or cited as an industry professional; article must be published within the last year

CES will not accept credentials that do not associate you with the company you are representing. CES reserves the right to request additional business credentials if deemed necessary.

Media Registration

What You Get With Registration

A media badge provides access to CES 2019 including CES Unveiled Las Vegas, Media Days, exhibits, keynote addresses and more than 300 conference sessions. 

Who Can Attend

Media credentials at CES 2019 will be granted to working media only. This includes broadcast media, industry analysts, key online influencers, online media and print media. 

Media accreditation will not be granted to publishers, general managers, account managers, sales representatives, brand ambassadors, PR/marketing and non-editorial media professionals or anyone whose principal purpose for attending CES is for reasons other than covering it as working news media. 

Required Media Credentials

To register as media for CES, you must submit one or more of the credentials listed below. If you do not meet these specific media requirements, please register as a general attendee. 

Broadcast Media

  • Letter from producer on station/network letterhead or from a company email address that states you are covering CES on assignment
  • Photo ID from your media outlet
  • Business card from your media outlet reflecting your editorial role

Industry Analysts

  • Consumer technology (or related vertical) article published within the past six months with your byline
  • Consumer technology (or related vertical) article published within the past six months quoting you as an industry analyst
  • Cover of a market research report on consumer technology (or related vertical) from the past six months listing you as a contributor
  • Reports must be made independently and not solicited by exhibiting companies

Key Online Influencer

  • 1 million or more YouTube subscribers
  • 500,000 or more Twitter followers
  • 500,000 or more Facebook friends
  • 300,000 or more Instagram followers
  • 300,000 or more WeMedia followers

Online Media

  • About Page from consumer technology (or related vertical) website or blog listing you as an editorial contributor
  • Consumer technology (or related vertical) article or blog post published within the past three months with your byline

In addition, online media must also provide a recent monthly traffic report from a web analytics service like Google Analytics that verifies 10,000 or more unique monthly visitors. The site/blog must be previously established, independent (not a corporate blog) and regularly updated with original and current consumer technology news. 

Communities, forums, newsletters and users groups will not be considered for media accreditation.

Print Media

  • Masthead from current issue of a consumer technology (or related vertical) publication listing you as an editorial contributor
  • Consumer technology (or related vertical) article published within the past three months with your byline
  • Newsletters will not be considered for media accreditation.

If you submit credentials after December 4, be prepared to present them on-site. Media who are qualified on-site will not receive lunch coupons or a media bag. 

Exhibitor Registration

  • Badge photos are optional for exhibitors. 
  • Date of birth is required for all exhibitor personnel. 
  • Unique, verifiable email address is required for all exhibitor personnel. Unique email addresses will allow your exhibitor personnel to access their own record and provide their date of birth and other secure personal details.

Registration Process for Exhibitor Coordinators

With the following process, exhibitor coordinators still have control over the badge allotment, but individual exhibitor personnel can provide their own personal details.

Exhibitor coordinators will receive an email prior to registration opening with login information.

You will have two options to register your exhibitor personnel.

1. If you are able to provide all personal details for your exhibitor personnel, including date of birth, you may register them in full and will receive a confirmation email.

All individuals will also receive a confirmation email that they have been registered and will have the ability to access their personal record and the option to upload a headshot photo for their badge ID.

2. If you are unable to provide all personal details for your exhibitor personnel, you may simply enter their first name, last name and unique email address to start the process.

All individuals will then receive an email asking them to complete their personal details. After personal details are added, registration is complete and both individuals and the exhibitor coordinator will receive a final confirmation email.