Syntiant® NDP100™ Neural Decision Processor™

Company: Syntiant Corp.
Category: Embedded Technologies


The Syntiant® NDP100™ microwatt-power Neural Decision Processor™ (NDP) is the first and only commercial silicon device designed to put machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) processing into almost any consumer device.

Built to run neural workloads while being small, the NDP100 consumes less than 150 microwatts and makes AI a reality for products as small as hearing aids and as large as laptops without needing a connection to the cloud.

Designed into wearables, mobile phones, smart speakers and laptops, Syntiant’s processors enable a speech interface within the smallest systems to supplement or replace interfaces such as buttons, switches or dials.

The programmable, deep-learning network in the NDP100 supports a variety of use cases, including:

  • Keyword speech interface.

  • Wake word detection.

  • Speaker identification.

  • Sensor applications.

  • Audio event and environment classification.


The Tech Behind It

With an Amazon Alexa wake-word qualification, Syntiant provides a drop-in hardware and software solution that enables always-listening Alexa wake-word gateways to Amazon Alexa services. This means that even the smallest ear buds can be enabled for voice assistance, replacing touch-wakeup.

Syntiant’s NDPs make home appliances smarter as well, allowing users to activate voice commands from turning a washer or dryer on and off to directing a vacuum across the room.

The NDP100’s neural network provides inference capability at low power levels, enabling real-time AI for battery-powered devices without an internet connection.

“Numerous digital speech-recognition processors are on the market, but Syntiant has set a new record for low power consumption,” according to an article published in Linley Group’s Microprocessor Report.

The NDP100 could allow virtually any consumer device to respond to voice commands without the need for an internet connection.

See Syntiant Corp. at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards Showcase.

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