CES App Support

Registration and Sign-in

I’m being prompted to sign in when I try to add a session to my agenda, but I’m not registered. What can I do?

Only registered attendees can add sessions to their schedule. If you are registered, but still cannot add sessions to your schedule, ensure you are logged into the app.

How do I know if I’m logged into the app?

Go to the side navigation by clicking the hamburger menu in the upper left. At the top of the navigation, you will see your name. If you do not see your name, but instead see “My Profile Not Signed In” you will need to click on that menu item and then follow the instructions on the profile screen to log in.

Logged Out View

Logged In View

How do I log in to the app?

To access the CES 2023 app, log in using the same email address and password you used when you registered for CES 2023.  

If you need assistance with your account, please reference the CTA / CES Account FAQs.  

My Schedule

What does the bell do?

The bell will notify you via an app banner notification 15 minutes prior to the session start time. You can set the reminder bell for any session in the schedule, it does not need to be on your schedule to use this feature.

Bell Location on the Session List

Bell Location on the Session Detail

What does “Fee $” mean on a session?

Conference sessions designated “Fee $” limit admission  to specific pass type holders. For more information on conference tracks, please reference the CES 2023 Conference Program.


How do I use the maps to get turn-by-turn directions?

Choose your destination, and then click on the booth location – once selected it will turn orange. Next, click on the ROUTE arrow. Then, click on the “Tap to edit starting location” field, and select your starting location. Finally, follow the turn-by-turn instructions.  And yes, it will even cross floors and buildings!


I am trying to watch the livestreams, but I can’t get to them. Why not?

Only registered attendees can see the livestreams. If you are registered, but still cannot see the livestream, check to ensure that you have sufficient Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity and make sure you are logged into the app.

My phone won’t let me watch the livestream in landscape mode. Why not?

The Android livestream viewing experience is limited to portrait mode.

I can’t find a session, but I know It's happening. Why can’t I find it?

Please verify that you do not have any filters applied to the session listing. If there is a red dot in the upper right corner of the app, you have one or more filters applied.

To clear your session filters, click on the filter icon where the red dot is, and then click Reset in the upper right on the next screen. Then, click the dark blue Show sessions button at the bottom of the screen.


I know that someone is at the event, but I can’t find them in the attendee directory. Why is that?

All users of the CES 2023 app may choose to have their contact information included or excluded from the attendee directory. If you know someone is at the event, but you cannot find them in the directory, it is because they have chosen to not opt into the directory.

How can I contact a speaker via the app?

You can either connect with them via LinkedIn (if provided in their profile) or look to see if they opted into the attendee directory and reach out that way.

Can I message exhibitors in the app?

No, the exhibitor messaging feature is only available in the digital venue. You may visit any exhibitor’s booth during show hours or email them by visiting their Exhibitor Activation in the CES 2023 Digital Venue at digital.ces.tech.

I do not wish to network with others via the app. How do I opt myself in or out of the attendee directory?

To update your opt-in settings, click on your name in the navigation, and then the settings tile on your profile page. From there you are update both your directory and messaging opt-ins.

I can see someone in the directory, but I cannot message them. Why not?

That is because attendees can opt into the directory without having to opt into attendee-to-attendee messaging. Opting into the directory and the messaging feature are separate options.
You can access and check or change both of your own settings via the Profile Settings.

Messages that I’m sending to attendees in the digital venue aren’t showing up on the mobile app. Why not?

Messages sent within the digital venue can only be seen within the digital venue. Similarly, you can only see messages sent from the app in the app.

Other App Questions

What does the Today screen do?

The Today screen is your personalized event guide during the event. It displays sessions and events you have added to your schedule. Before the event begins, your Today screen will not display any schedule data.

General Troubleshooting

My app is frozen, what should I do?

Force-close the app and re-open it. Not sure how to force-close the app? Find support for your iOS or Android device.

If that still does not resolve the issue, you can try one of two things:

  1. Make sure you are in an area with strong wi-fi

  2. Restart your device