Withings, a digital health pioneer, saves its key product announcements for CES. The company’s solutions consistently turn heads, and turn up in feature media stories. The company’s breakthroughs have also earned Withings Innovation Award honors three years in a row.


Consecutive Innovation Awards honors at CES 2022, 2023, 2024

Complexities across the healthcare sector seem to increase with each passing year as costs skyrocket and access tightens for many classes of medical consumer. With high insurance prices, decreases in providers’ available appointments and reams of red tape, patients and physicians alike are struggling. 
Withings is working to simplify the complexities with a suite of solutions for remote monitoring, body scanning, smart scales and digital health wearables. Every Withings product is designed to help consumers take more control over their care in doctor-approved ways. 

“Withings is a global leader in connected healthcare serving millions of users in over 40 countries everyday". said Paul Buckley, Withings US Sales and Marketing Director. "We provide powerful health scans that deliver tangible health benefits to better understand their overall health and make changes in their diets or exercise so they can live longer and healthier lives.” 

Withings is, as Buckley told CTA, democratizing health data by making it more readily available for consumers and their healthcare specialists. The company is doing so through products that include Innovation Award winners Withings BeamO, Withings U-Scan and Withings Body Scan. The handheld BeamO, exhibited at CES 2024, is a first-of-its-kind connected device that combines four medical tools: A stethoscope, oximeter, single-lead ECG and a thermometer to provide essential vital signs for in-person or telehealth appointments.  

[W]e always come to CES…It's where we make our product announcements and it's our kickoff space where we tell the world what's new with Withings…We use CES as the platform to inform the world about our new products. It's the only time in the year where all our worlds converge, our sales, our marketing, our product development, our information, our press…everything comes together at CES.


Withings U-Scan and Body Scan, honored in 2023 and 2022, respectively, also are removing diagnostics complications for consumers and physicians. Urinalysis has been made far more patient-friendly and convenient for physicians with Withings U-Scan, the first hands-free and connected urine lab that’s designed for home use. The health-lab device is designed to sit inside any toilet to provide immediate readings for a wide range of urine biomarkers. Doctors can use this data, via the Withings app, to monitor patients’ overall health, and to more quickly diagnose health issues.  

Withings Body Scan affords the convenience of home-based and comprehensive checkups that include electrocardiograms. The Body Scan scale added to the Withings portfolio of best-in-class devices for health monitoring. Withings smart-scale technology was celebrated at CES by comedian-magician Penn Jillette in a testimonial at the show. He credited his Withings Smart Body Analyzer with helping him lose more than 100 pounds, an achievement he said may have saved his life.      

“I do feel that the quality of the media, the quality of the people…and the quality of the VIPs coming through [at CES] are getting better and better every year,” Buckley said. He added, in discussing the show’s appeal for convening key stakeholders at a central venue, CES “makes it extremely easy for us, and economical for us, to…have all our partners get our news all at the same time.” 

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