Under the CES spotlight, Siemens showed worldwide audiences how it’s transforming businesses with its digital twin and Xcelerator technologies. Widely known for industrial manufacturing, Siemens credits CES for boosting its profile as a technological powerhouse.


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Since its founding in 1847, Siemens has invented and delivered technologies that power business sectors ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to energy and infrastructure. Its extensive areas of operation include power generation and distribution, and intelligent industrial systems. But, as worldwide audiences and media saw at CES, the company is also breaking new ground in automation and digitalization.

As demonstrated in Las Vegas, Siemens is much more than a provider of software, systems and other products that boost productivity for the industrial manufacturing sector. Siemens is a titan in technology innovations that improve how we live, work and play in everyday life. 

“The whole goal of coming to CES was to [show]…Siemens as a tech player,” said Stacey Gromlich, Siemens director of global audience engagement.

And the CES stage delivered.

With demonstrations that included Nemo’s Garden, an ocean-floor biosphere, and a simulation of the Space Perspective balloon transporting passengers to outer space, Siemens awed crowds. Attendees and media witnessed how Siemens automation, robotics, AI and IoT technologies push design and construction limits. They left the show appreciating how the company’s Digital Twin, Xcelerator open business platform and other solutions sustainably optimize design, engineering and manufacturing processes.

The reaction from everybody has been fantastic. Not only has CES brought a lot of people through, but we're creating buzz, we see it on social media out of the event, and we couldn't be happier.

Stacey Gromlich, Siemens Director of Global Audience Engagement

Audiences further discovered how Siemens technology underpins – sustainably and efficiently – the basics of daily life: Cars, trains, food and drink, as well as healthcare, energy and other indispensable systems. Representative highlights at CES 2023 included Space Perspective and Nemo’s Garden.
Space Perspective, the world’s only company delivering carbon neutral space-flight experiences, is chartered to share the stratosphere with the non-super wealthy. The experiences involve no g-forces or special training. Lifted by a space balloon the size of a football stadium, Space Perspective’s pressurized capsule carries eight passengers at a time on a six-hour space voyage where travelers can view what lies beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, as well as their own planet Earth below.
This headline-grabbing, life-changing, capability was developed with the help of Siemens Xcelerator. The platform allowed Space Perspective to build a comprehensive digital twin for visualizing and testing the capsule’s operation. It accelerated processes that culminated in the world’s safest and most sustainable way to visit the heavens.
At CES, visitors to the Siemens booth learned about this innovative partnership while they discovered what it’s like to ride a space balloon to the stars.
Nemo’s Garden envisions viably cultivating herbs, fruit and vegetables underwater. It has engineered a sub-aqua biosphere, a distinctive underwater greenhouse that harnesses the ocean’s environmental factors ideal for crop cultivation. The Nemo’s Garden team used Siemens Xcelerator to build a digital twin of the biosphere. This technology for designing a virtual representation of complex physical structures encompassed production phases, simulations and iterations of the biosphere’s growing conditions.
Now the Nemo’s Garden team can operate untethered by weather conditions, seasonality and limitations associated with diving for biosphere management. Adaptations can be tested virtually, accelerating by orders of magnitude design refinements for a sustainable alternative to traditional farming.
As this Siemens story pointed out, CES is a natural arena for the company to demonstrate how its technology is used to “turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s products and experiences,” enabling customers to transform themselves, their industries and the world.
“We’ll definitely be back at CES,” Gromlich said. “We’ve got so many more great customer stories to tell and show.”

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