French-based company Klaxoon is revolutionizing how meetings are conducted, and they returned to CES for the fifth year to unveil their newest product, a 2020 Innovation Award Winner.

CES Innovation Awards

Klaxoon, a CTA Member company and four-time CES Innovation Award winner, set out to redefine the meeting experience. A digital platform that transforms traditional information-sharing meetings to interactive sessions that include brainstorming, survey and live questions, Klaxoon encourages teamwork and efficiency.

Klaxoon’s platform encourages all meeting attendees to have a say, even anonymously, and participate. With the platform, Klaxoon aimed to transform teamwork and allow new ways of working, whether in the office or remotely.

The team attributes importance to its decision to exhibit at CES 2016 in Eureka Park™, the dedicated space at CES where more than 1200 startups showcase their innovations each year. Thousands of attendees visited Klaxoon’s booth the first year, then staffed by just four employees.

“We made a giant leap at CES in terms of gaining business, as well as in marketing and learning how to best present our product,” said Matthieu Beucher, CEO of Klaxoon.

Klaxoon returned to CES 2017 with a larger exhibit space to unveil the second generation of its product, and then expanded even further in following years to a space on the CES main exhibit floor.

“CES is a moment where you get the whole world here at one time,” said Charles Kergaravat, director of international marketing for Klaxoon. “Leaders in tech all seeing your new innovations. And for us, it’s been a great way to validate what we’ve put to the market.”

At CES 2019, Klaxoon launched its Teamwork Tour, starting a 16-city tour with a semi-truck that transformed into a mobile workspace. They met with thousands of customers on the tour to discuss the future of work and new ways to collaborate with digital tools such as Klaxoon’s platform.

We made a giant leap at CES in terms of gaining business, as well as in marketing and learning how to best present our product.

Matthieu Beucher
CEO, Klaxoon

At CES 2020, Klaxoon unveiled its newest product, Teamplayer, the first mobile console that transforms the working environment to make it more inspiring, more participative and more human. Teamplayer turns any screen device into a smart, collaborative workspace while also connecting with a selection of third-party apps. During CES 2020, Klaxoon announced Dropbox as a partner app on its visual management console.

With more than a million users in 120 countries, including the likes of L’Oreal, Deloitte, MIT, GE and more, the startup has shown major growth since its first booth at Eureka Park.

Klaxoon keeps returning to CES to showcase its newest products and ideas, and share insights about the future of work and how companies can be more forward-thinking in the workplace.

“Very few events exist where you can show up, release a new product to the world, and there are 170,000 people waiting to discover it,” Kergaravat said.

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