CES 2024 Day 4: Trends Spotlight

Overview As CES 2024 drew to a close, trends emerged that will likely sway the tech landscape in the months and years ahead. From AI to digital health, energy, inclusivity and sustainability, the exhibits and panels, as well as events, in Las Vegas collectively signaled the factors that will be influencing markets. Read on for our summary of top trends.

We’ve seen significant investments in AI products, applications and technologies, and note that advanced tech and machine learning are increasingly being applied to what we often refer to as “tech for good.” That includes sustainability and inclusivity. We also note that tech innovators are working to more closely align their new product offerings to suit the individual consumer. They’re more focused on personalization, simplicity and ease of use in ways that empower consumers to have it their way. Here’s a closer look at what we’re seeing.   

Artificial Intelligence

While generative AI has rightfully been the subject of intense consumer and enterprise excitement, the AI ecosystem is more expansive, ranging from chips to robots. Advancements in both chips and hardware, and data infrastructure, create a horizontal wave of AI tech innovation that cuts across every industry. This was evident at CES 2024 which featured AI applications and platforms ranging from digital twins for simulating physical environments to the latest in self-driving technologies.
Representative products included:
  • AMD - Ryzen AI 2nd Generation AI PCs
  • Bosch – Gun Detection System
  • Microsoft – AI Keyboard
  • NVIDIA – Avatar Cloud Engine (AI-Powered Non-Playable Characters)
  • Siemens – Industrial Metaverse

Digital Health

CES 2024 included scores of health wearables and platforms enabling more personalized, accessible, and intelligent solutions for consumers. In fact, digital health is a core beneficiary of the recent surge in AI research and innovation with early detection, treatment outcome prediction and more intuitive primary care chatbots like virtual nursing solutions improving the delivery and outcome of healthcare.
Representative products included:
  • Abbott – Lingo CGM Biowearable d
  • Amira Health – Terra Sleep
  • Dassault Systemes – Living Heart
  • Doser – DoseRx1 – PERISCOPE
  • Movano Health – Evie Ring


Smart plugs, connected thermostats, solar integration, EV charging stations and other energy management devices are integral tools for consumers seeking to minimize their energy footprint. Portable battery and solar-power banks, as well as battery back-up generators, are increasingly replacing their gas-guzzling forebears, much to the delight of camping enthusiasts, and for homeowners looking for an eco-friendlier option during those occasional blackouts.
Representative products included:
  • Doosan Bobcat – HyAxiom PEM Hydrogen Power
  • Exeger – Powerfoyle Customizable Solar Cells to Power Consumer Electronics
  • Jackery – Solar Mars Bot
  • Ossia – Cota Real Wireless Power


Like artificial intelligence and sustainability, inclusivity represents a horizontal trend that is cutting across every industry and technology vertical. CES 2024 showed advancements that are ensuring technology bridges access gaps and builds a diverse product set that supports underrepresented communities.
Representative products included:
  • EssilorLuxottica – Nuance Audio
  • Garmin – Venu 3 Smartwatch Wheelchair Mode
  • LG – Universal Up Kit
  • UMAY – Secure Walking Tool for Women
  • Whispp – Assistive Voice Technology


Sustainability and environmental protection represented an expansive horizonal trend for CES 2024. Hundreds of exhibiting companies, show-wide, emphasized their deploying of technologies, products and services designed to mitigate mankind’s impact on climate change. From streamlining electrification and modernizing buildings to developing renewable energy sources (e.g. solar, wind and green hydrogen) and experimenting with new technologies like battery recycling, we’re seeing companies harness innovation to solve complex challenges. CES 2024 exhibitors also demonstrated their commitment to environmentally conscious solutions that include the implementation of e-waste recycling, adopting sustainable product packaging, and optimizing shipping and logistics.
Representative products included:
  • Baracoda – BHeart Solar and Body Heat Powered Wearable
  • Midbar – Airfarm Portable Smart Farm
  • SK – Pickle Waste Solution
  • Zendure USA – SuperBase V energy Storage System
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