CES 2024 Day 2: Five Accessibility Solutions at Eureka Park

Overview CES 2024 is buzzing with more than 4000 exhibitors worldwide in attendance. Many of these are showcasing products that surprise and inspire. Notably, Eureka Park has welcomed a record-breaking number of new innovators, more than 1400, demonstrating that big ideas and breakthroughs with world-changing potential are on the rise. The CES 2024 showcase for early-stage tech companies, Eureka Park, provides startups with a dedicated venue for spotlighting their ingenuity.

From wearables to platforms, apps, robots and more, many Eureka Park exhibitors are showing the world how cognitive and physical challenges – the types that traditionally isolate and stigmatize those affected - can be surmounted through tech. Here’s a look at a few of these visionary young businesses.


If you can use your tongue, you can use a mouse to engage with digital devices. Augmental, an MIT Media Lab spinoff, has developed and launched MouthPad. This fully customized wearable uses Bluetooth for hands-free, tongue-driven control of the user’s computer, smartphone or tablet. According to Augmental, the device can be used as an “11th finger” by anyone seeking a new way to seamlessly interact with personal devices.


DreamFace Technologies

Socially assistive robots, like “Ryan” from DreamFace, provide the type of engagement that can dramatically improve quality of life for millions of aging adults. Interacting with Ryan, an AI-enabled assistive robot, can help improve memory and cognition while easing the workload of caregivers.



Parrots Inc

Polly by Parrots Inc is an SaaS, hardware-agnostic, platform that uses AI and machine learning to provide real-time telecare to people with severe neurological impairment. Polly communicates through real-time voice and face-time capabilities, and responds in context with the user. The platform includes object detection through the Parrots AI camera and the Smart Polly Bot built to help users negotiate a variety of ordinary tasks.


Untapped Solutions (Formerly ConConnect)

The formerly incarcerated, unhoused and other populations represent an under-utilized resource for many types of employers. The Untapped technology platform bridges the gap between employers, social enterprises and communities that include those with a history of incarceration. The company’s AI-driven CRM enables connections that simplify successful recruitment and hiring. The platform helps introduce untapped and motivated individuals to inclusive employers and social enterprises.



Designed for those who have lost their voice or have a severe vocal impairment, the Whispp calling app uses AI to convert whispered or vocal-cord-impaired speech to clear and natural tones. Use your devices to talk easily, clearly and with no delay. With the Whispp Assistive Voice Technology and Calling App, consumers can use their preferred mobile device to call anyone; the called party doesn’t have to download the app. Whispp received CES 2024 Innovation Award honors for this accessibility game-changer. 

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