Celebrating Innovation in Robotics

Every April, National Robotics Week aims to inspire students in STEM-related fields. To celebrate we are highlighting some of the exciting technologies we saw at CES 2024.

Take a minute to celebrate National Robotics Week with us! From improving health to providing assistance and even educating the next generation, these CES 2024 Innovation Award honorees are being recognized for their outstanding design and engineering. 

Ballie by Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

Ballie, the world’s first moveable robotic projector, can follow you around your home, project content such as cooking videos, and control connected IoT devices such as lights and AC, all based on your routine and commands. 



The HUCA-GO is a true example of technology improving daily life. Developed by HUCASYSTEM, this multifunctional gait rehabilitation system helps patients with degenerative brain diseases maintain and improve their physical functions. 


M3 Delivery Robot by MOBINN

MOBINN's M3 delivery robot is capable of providing delivery services 'anywhere', 'anytime.' Thanks to the independently developed wheel system, it is possible to overcome various obstacles, including stairs and bumps, with only wheels. 


RoWok™ by SJW Robotics (Appetronix) 

RoWok, a CES 2024 Best of Innovation honoree, is a fully autonomous robotic restaurant that cooks delicious made-to-order meals without onsite employees. 


VINU by Alux

Simplifying learning, the VINU  stand-alone coding education device has more than 400 independent applications saved and 7 implemented sensors, all of which allow for variety in coding education.  

Cutting edge products such as these represent our industry’s commitment to find new ways to improve our lives and make common tasks easier. Find out what else tech has to offer by learning more about Robotics and Drones, Smart Home and Family and Lifestyle.