Nasdaq Keynote, CES 2024: Finance Taps Tech for Humanity

Overview When Adena Friedman speaks on behalf of Nasdaq, Inc., where she is chair and CEO, the smart money listens. Audiences at CES 2024 will have a lot to take in when she keynotes on January 10. She’ll share insights on how tech – a central means for advancing economic progress - can solve the most complex challenges facing society. From financial crime to cybersecurity, Nasdaq is on a mission to align tech and finance in the interest of people and their resources.

Nasdaq, the global technology company and stock exchange, works to establish stronger economies, equitable opportunities and more sustainable communities. The company, which launched the world’s first electronic exchange, also has a 13-year relationship with CTA creating thematic indexes for tracking key technologies across more than a dozen verticals. Together, CTA and Nasdaq share a common goal of improving the human condition through technology. Nasdaq’s chief, Adena Friedman, ranked by American Banker as one of the most powerful women in finance, will address strategies and progress to this end when she keynotes in January.
A top-three index measuring the performance of the U.S. equity market, Nasdaq has positively impacted the competitive wellbeing of technology companies and investors. With its high concentration of technology stocks, as Kiplinger observes, Nasdaq is widely accepted as a barometer of the tech sector’s health. The company also has become a booster for sound and sustainable economies. Here’s a look at Nasdaq’s tech forays, and a preview of what’s ahead, in its mission to better safeguard mankind’s fiscal security.

Embracing Tech for Fair and Solid Markets

When Friedman addresses CES 2024 audiences, she’ll be speaking from a position of expert authority. The business she began heading in 2017, after joining as an intern in 1993, has consistently embraced innovative technologies to weather market turbulence, and to uphold human interests. It also is publicly traded. With its IPO in 2005 and recent acquisitions, Nasdaq has become a highly innovative, and investor-owned, diversified company.
For decades, Nasdaq’s tech-savvy stakeholders have benefitted from early adoption of digital and automated services that helped open trading to virtually anyone, anywhere. It leveled the playing field as an alternative to paper transactions limited to card-carrying traders on a brick-and-mortar exchange’s floor.
Today, Nasdaq uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, visualization tools and more to detect cybercrime and a host of anomalies that can signal wrongdoing. Nasdaq and CTA experts examined AI, in particular, in a recent episode of the CES Tech Talk podcast. During a discussion of AI as a tool for good, Nasdaq’s Sara Mehle said, “I think AI has an application for every single company out there.”

Nasdaq, under Friedman’s leadership, is all-in for harnessing tech solutions that make life better for the world’s communities. In comments about her keynote at CES 2024, Friedman said of Nasdaq, “We are driven by the belief that technology can solve the most complex challenges facing both industry and society…with the unique potential to drive economic progress for all.” She added that many of the world’s worst crimes, human trafficking among them, can be tackled through emerging innovations that will be on view in Las Vegas next January.
“At CES, I look forward to discussing how we can collaborate and leverage technology to eradicate financial crime and further protect the global financial system and the people that it serves,” she said.

A featured speaker at CES 2023, Friedman discussed how tech and financial markets can combine for thebenefit of human security. In this video, she joins CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro in an exchangethat explored financial markets as foundational engines to economic growth and prosperity.

Friedman offered insights regarding technology advancements that underpin the infrastructure of today’s markets. Take in her views on transformation in the finance sector which is benefitting as never before by software and systems that improve reliability and minimize latency.

Tracking Trends for Informed Investing

Since 2010, Nasdaq and CTA - owner and producer of CES - have partnered on a portfolio of more than 15 theme-based indexes that are tied to broad tech trends such as those impacting cybersecurity, healthcare, and the just-released Nasdaq CTA Global Climate Technology Index. Some 20 funds listed across seven-plus countries track the Nasdaq CTA index portfolio.
The indexes, which are passive portfolios, combine baskets of companies that have a position in those technology areas. Investors can use the indexes to reinforce market positions in line with their convictions. Since their start, the Nasdaq CTA indexes have grown dramatically, fueled by a partnership that combines Nasdaq’s financial expertise with CTA’s research and theme know-how.
Today, Nasdaq and CTA are looking at new tech breakthroughs as they closely monitor developments in, for example, space and agricultural technologies. Even immortality tech is on the table.
Don’t miss Adena Friedman and her keynote when Nasdaq returns to Las Vegas January 9-12. The company joins Siemens, Walmart and L’Oréal as CES 2024 keynotes, with more announcements to come. Look for the Nasdaq keynote at 2:00 p.m. PT, January 10, in the Palazzo Ballroom at the Venetian. Register for CES 2024 today.  

This keynote presentation can be viewed on demand here.

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