Smart Cities

Smart Cities at CES 2023: 5 Sessions to See

Tomorrow’s interconnected and sustainable cities are becoming a reality, as CES 2023 demonstrated. A busy conference program for smart cities, featuring industry experts and CTA members, included sessions that delved into technologies making a difference. Topics ranged from smart infrastructure to safe mobility, as well as health equity, 5G and beyond. Take a look at how smart communities are shaping up with advanced tech for sustainability, transportation and more.

Achieving Health Equity in Smart Cities, Sponsored by Deloitte

watch time: 44:14

Cities directly impact the wellbeing of people and our planet. The social, environmental and economic factors of an urban existence generate both hazards and opportunities relative to healthy living. Explore the threats and opportunities with this panel whose participants include Deloitte’s Neal Batra and Thomas Swanson of Adobe.


Building Smart Communities: The New Federal Infrastructure Law

watch time: 46:53

More than roads and bridges, the bipartisan infrastructure law includes grant programs for new technologies, those that enable self-driving vehicles, and that address climate change and racial equity. This panel -- with Microsoft’s Henry Bzeih and Robert Hampshire of U.S. Department of Transportation, among others -- considers how the law will underpin future smart communities.


The Modern Era of 5G

watch time: 40:47

While IoT and these vast networks of interconnected devices are central to smart cities, 5G is the broadband fuel these system need to operate. This panel, which includes Durga Malladi of Qualcomm and Mic Locker of Deloitte, considers how 5G is rolling out. Panelists also discuss the 5G promise for boosting quality-of-life technologies that can optimize, for example, distance learning and smart automotive systems in vehicles and on highways.


Safer Mobility for the 21st Century

watch time: 49:55

How can public-private partnerships  make tomorrow’s roads safer? These cooperative efforts may be the key to advanced mobility through technology that enables progress while safeguarding critical data. This panel, that includes Marcus Welz of Hyundai Motor Europe, explores opportunities and challenges.   


Smart Infrastructure: Building for the Future

watch time: 46:40

Smart cities start with smart infrastructure. This panel of experts includes Karen Lightman of Carnegie Mellon University and ADT’s Scé Pike who explore how technical systems can improve residents’ everyday life. Elements include sensors, data and analytics.  

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