Showcasing Sustainability at CES 2023

Overview Trade shows and sustainability initiatives have too often worked at cross purposes. They don’t have to. When large industry events prioritize waste reduction and energy efficiency, the rewards can extend measurably to the industries on site. CES 2023 is convening this January with a deepened commitment to sustainability. Discover what we’re doing, what our exhibitors have been working on and what’s new for promoting sustainability in Las Vegas this January.

With increasing greenhouse gas emissions and worsening climate impacts globally, more technology organizations are embracing sustainability as good business, as well as good practice for preserving the natural resources we all share. CTA is no different.
As we prepare for CES 2023, sustainability is top of mind, and will be in evidence across exhibition properties and event programming. We’re working to raise awareness and demonstrate climate consciousness through this event, one that the world watches as a showcase for innovation.

Displaying the Best in Green Tech

CES 2023 will shine a bright light on companies that are stepping up to make a positive green impact. From energy and power to food and ag tech, the most ingenious solutions will be on view in one place this January.
New for CES 2023, CTA has partnered with U.N. affiliated World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) to create awareness of the U.N.’s Human Securities for All (HS4A) initiative. The aim is to highlight the critical role of technology in support of United Nations efforts to advance basic human rights. Sustainability is a central component across U.N. human securities pillars. CES exhibitors and attendees will see the theme of human security for all prominently featured throughout the show. It’s also a new product category for the CES Innovation Awards.
But that’s not all. This is a short list of measures that CES has undertaken over time to conserve, preserve and recycle.
  • Most informational and promotional material is electronic versus printed
  • CES donates surplus food to area food banks, and uses food containers and utensils made of biodegradable materials
  • CES saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year by using energy-efficient dishwashers
  • Frying oil is recycled so that it can be converted to biodiesel
  • Fleet vehicles are 90% powered by propane or battery
  • The event hosts multiple meetings in one location - exhibitors conduct an average of 29 meetings per show – reducing the need to travel for separate, individual meetings
Moreover, as an example of norms from the last five years, CES:
  • Reused more than 1 million square feet of carpet
  • Recycled more than 33,000 square feet of magnetic banners
  • Provided recyclers more than 4.8 tons of steel and 3000 pounds of aluminum
  • Repurposed more than 5660 square feet of vinyl banner materials for use as tarps, hockey rink liners and outdoor movie screens 

Sustainability is a CES Priority

CES consistently amplifies sustainability innovations that may have otherwise gone unsung. Last year’s Innovation Award honors for sustainability recognized the unique contributions of several businesses, many that are returning to CES 2023.
Health tech company Baracoda, for example, received a nod for BCool, the first eco-friendly and battery-free smart thermometer. Sustainable by design, it lasts a lifetime with no battery to charge or replace. Xandar Kardian, a pioneer in radar signal processing, was named for its clean-tech sensors, under the XK-CT500 brand, that enable building automation. The sensor’s radar technology determines occupancy, building-wide or on a particular floor in real time, and in seconds. The benefits include the ability to precision-automate HVAC systems to offset unnecessary heating and cooling. 

How Exhibitors Can Create a More Sustainable Experience

Exhibitors can do their part at CES to promote sustainability. They can help reduce their environmental impact in ways that include the following.
  • Limit consumer single-use plastics such as water bottles and cutlery
  • Opt for giveaways made of recycled materials and donate or reuse the remaining giveaways at the conclusion of the show
  • Work with the booth designers to explore opportunities for incorporating sustainability into booth design and construction
  • Reuse and recycle materials - for example, signage can be recycled and repurposed, then reused in future years
  • Use fewer printed materials – use QR codes to link to your digital content and product brochures
  • Give exhibit materials a second life by donating them to charities – the event company Freeman, for example, sends vinyl banners to a firm that reuses them for tents and other purposes
Join CES in helping promote sustainability. The rewards may be considerable. Businesses can realize significant returns by lowering costs when they minimize waste. Attendees can save by selective purchases that will last, and with food that won’t be thrown out.
Technology companies everywhere are joining the good fight. See how they’re doing it. Register for CES 2023, and check out how confirmed exhibitors are applying smart-tech solutions to promote sustainability.

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