Supercomputing Cares: AMD Brings Tech for Good

Overview An acclaimed CES exhibitor for more than a decade, AMD is reshaping how the world consumes technology. The company is delivering advanced computing to more markets, changing how we work, live, learn and play. Not satisfied with furnishing innumerable businesses and consumers with extraordinary tech, AMD is championing a healthier planet through adaptive computing.

When Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) unveils its evolving – and consistently groundbreaking – innovations in computing at CES 2023, the world will also learn how the company is harnessing tech to tackle our toughest problems. From fostering sustainability via cloud technologies to breaking new ground in supercomputing, you’ll hear how AMD is applying technology for the good of mankind. Expanding on this theme, AMD Chair and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will take to the keynote stage in Las Vegas to discuss the next generation of high-performance and adaptive computing that will propel tech for good.
CES attendees will see the cause advanced on many fronts across the show. New for 2023, CTA has partnered with U.N.-affiliated World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) to foster awareness of the U.N.’s Human Securities for All (HS4A) initiative for safeguarding basic human rights through technology. A new category for the CES Innovation Awards, HS4A will be showcased throughout the show. The initiative’s objectives align with AMD values. The company’s technology now powers cloud services for billions of people while it facilitates cutting-edge healthcare research, advances interplanetary science and accelerates 5G data networks everywhere. Tech for good is core to AMD’s innovations. Here’s more.

Scientific Research

At the height of the pandemic, AMD established the HPC Fund to escalate research against Covid. Data analysis was drastically heightened with weeks-long processes executed in days or hours, enabling the rapid development of vaccines and mitigations. The fund has since broadened to include other medical and social good research that encompasses climate change, healthcare, transportation, big data and more.
AMD also powers the fastest and most energy-efficient supercomputer in the world – the Frontier supercomputer - the first to break the exaflop barrier, accurately performing calculations at virtually inexpressible speeds. Named Frontier because of the important role it will play in driving science into new frontiers, it’s a catalyst for enabling large-scale science research leading to fresh discoveries in physics, medicine, climate research, energy and other fields.

Healthcare and AI

With adaptive computing, advances in healthcare are dramatically enhanced. AMD technology accelerates simulations that boost engineering productivity for speedier product development. The company’s embedded SoCs (systems on a chip) and FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) underpin surgical robots, endoscopy and ultrasound machines, and smart hospital beds. AMD’s AI technology enables more intelligent, precise treatment.

Sustainable Computing

AMD technologies and supercomputing cut energy consumption as they trim a wide range of data center workloads, from general-purpose computing to technical and cloud-native computing. At the same time, this advanced capability helps scientists, engineers and designers attain insights and results far more quickly. When data centers are energy efficient, computing can cost less while reducing the load on the electric grid which, in turn, can increase the reliability of critical computer operations. Today, AMD tech and processors drive 17 of the world’s 20 most efficient supercomputers.

Technology for Change

The last few years have seen technology consumption transformed. Businesses are looking to go green and operate in the cloud. The digital age is fueling new industries and experiences, and the transition to exascale supercomputing and mainstream AI is already underway. People are demanding more technology and optimum performance to improve their daily lives. AMD has embraced this evolution as an organizational core value.
With a track record of industry firsts, as well as numerous CES Innovation Awards, AMD and its keynote are sure to inspire at CES 2023. Dr. Su’s January 4 session will expand on the AMD vision of adaptive computing as a means for countering our most intractable ills. A tech-for-good standard bearer, Dr. Su is an honoree of the 2022 International Peace Prize presented by the Peace Tech Lab of the United States Institute of Peace. She also serves on the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.
Find out what AMD has in store, as well as what’s next in tech, at CES 2023. Register today.