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Overview From a simulator that takes golfers to the world's top courses without leaving home to devices and gear that sooth post-workout aches, sports tech is targeting the individual. Here's a look at fitness-focused exhibitors that help improve your golf game, counter cramping and knead sore muscles into submission.

Sports technology is among the planet’s fastest growing business sectors with experts projecting it to hit the $40 billion mark by 2026 in the U.S. alone. Technology is boosting audience engagement and competitive options. It's bringing activities and contests into the home through devices, wearables and virtual challenges. Innovators are also offering personalized experiences and pain relief for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Three companies exhibiting at CES 2023 exemplify sports technology that's all about you. 


A consistently popular draw at CES, Golfzon offers the world’s most technologically advanced golf simulators, protected by more than 250 patents. The company’s technology affords a highly immersive experience that takes players directly onto the course. Golfzon’s moving swing plate provides 360 degrees of directional movement that adjusts to uphill, downhill and sidehill situations. The company’s Vision software places players on their choice of more than 190 golf courses worldwide through high-definition and 3D graphics that work with the swing plate. Save the hassle and airfare to step onto renown tracks that include St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Kiawah Island, Harbour Town and PGA National.
But don’t take our word for Golfzon’s excellence in experiential simulators. Golf Digest has named the company the best premium simulator in its Editors’ Choice Awards for five consecutive years.


You may have aching calves after a day on your Golfzon course. SPRYNG can help. The muscle-recovery tool is an affordable, pneumatic compression wrap that’s entirely untethered and FDA registered. It promotes the flushing of lactic acid and increases oxygenation to muscle tissues for improved athletic performance.
This innovative company and its product have won accolades from users – among them professional athletes and doctors - who cite a far shorter recovery period, post workout. They also value the wrap’s utility for improving blood circulation while on long flights, and while taxing calf muscles during tough hikes and similar activities. SPRYNG stands apart from competitors with a patent-pending compression pattern that prevents leg swelling by improving blood circulation. It mimics the skeletal muscle pump following strenuous exercise for lessened swelling and muscle injury. Plus, there’s nothing to plug in. Wearing it is like getting a massage while working out. Don’t miss SPRYNG at CES to see it for yourself.


For Curtis Kennedy, Symbodi founder and CEO, the seeds of this young company took root when he was a student largely bedridden while fighting cancer. Intensely sore muscles accompanied his recovery and sparked his entrepreneurial drive. He plunged into developing a way to pinpoint massage for highly targeted pain relief. After 220 prototypes, Kennedy launched his company in 2017. Today, Symbodi’s products are the self-massage option of choice for professional athletes in football, basketball, soccer and more.

All you need for simplified self-message the Symbodi way is a wall for the Symbodi mount. It easily snaps on and off wherever you want it. Then you slip in the Vertiball or Vertiroller, and lean in to work the pain away. The Vertiball and Vertiroller can also be handheld for self-massage on the go. The objective, as the company’s mission statement asserts, is to “bridge the gap between human limitation and human potential by creating tools that act as a natural extension of the individual using them.” Check out Symbodi at CES 2023 to see for yourself how this mission is being realized.

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At it's core, sports tech is about enabling performance and competitive excellence. The pursuit of greatness is a personal journey. Companies like Golfzon, SPRYNG and Symbodi understand this and are ready to show the world how competitors can be their own coaches, trainers and masseurs. Be motivated by those who dreamed big and took risks.
See who’s pushing boundaries in sports tech, and who’s on the show floor. Meet them and be prepared to be inspired. Register for CES 2023 today.