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TikTok Goes to the Movies, Radio and TV

Overview The CES Tech Talk podcast, now in its sixth season, features interviews with industry experts who bring you an insider’s look at what to expect at CES 2023 in January. New episodes drop weekly; subscribe via your favorite podcast platform to get the latest updates. This week’s episode is all about TikTok’s expansion from little mobile screens to really big ones. TikTok’s Dan Page discusses the platform’s future in bars, on billboards, at the movies, even at the dentist’s office.

Can TikTok, the wildly popular social space, extend from mobile screens to new and bigger ones without losing its authenticity cachet? TikTok’s Dan Page knows it can. He’s the company’s head of global business, new screens, and is helping guide the TikTok experience to new venues. How’s it going to work? Dan tells us in TikTok, Coming Soon to a Screen Near You, episode 6 of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.


  • New venues include billboards and radio for companies to boost their brands via authentic and fresh stories that are two-minute TikToks, not ads
  • The TikTok advantage for consumers and businesses is community – audiences trust that content will deliver value rather than a buy-it-now sales pitch
  • TikTok and partners, including the recently announced Deciem, are taking on the silver screen to offer two minutes of fresh and fun TikTok before the feature presentation

They Said It

We're not the young singing and dancing app. We're far from that. We lean into education, we lean into hacks. When we say make TikToks, we're saying be authentic to the platform. Pay attention to what the trends are. Pay attention to who the creators are. Pay attention to what works, and use that as an inspiration as the starting point so that you're actually delivering some value to the audience - versus trying to force a product or service on them.

Dan Page (00:00)

Right now, we have a great partner, Loop TV, where in bars and restaurants and dental offices, you get to see some really great TikToks that are curated for sound off. Something very different that you would think it may not translate, but it translates very well…We're constantly trending the charts with our artists and with songs in creating a music experience. And we partnered both with Sirius XM and Stingray Digital to bring the sounds of TikTok to cars as well as living rooms.

Dan Page (05:43)

TikTok at CES 2023

TikTok will be in private meeting space at ARIA. You can also look to get fresh takes via TikTok before, during and after  the show.

Dan Page, Head of Global Business Development, New Screens

With more than 20 years of experience in digital entertainment across both mobile and TV platforms, Dan has been part of all the key moments in the digital evolution. Serving as head of global distribution and partnerships for new screens, Dan is responsible for distributing TikTok to all screens—2 billion devices and counting— giving people a new way to experience TikTok anywhere.

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