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Sleek Earbuds Are OTC Hearing Aids

Overview The CES Tech Talk podcast, now in its sixth season, features interviews with industry experts who bring you an insider’s look at what to expect at CES 2023 in January. New episodes drop weekly; subscribe via your favorite podcast platform to get the latest updates. This week’s episode covers hearing health made customizable and more affordable by CES exhibitor, Nuheara. Find out how CEO John Luna and team are reimagining the hearing aid as a stylish tech device that can improve hearing by 30%.

Proving that a good sound-enhancing device can also look good on those with mild to moderate hearing loss, Nuheara is coming to CES 2023 with a new over-the-counter hearing aid. This FDA-approved device is customizable, comfortable and cool looking for a price far lower than many comparable products on the market today. Nuheara’s John Luna tells CES Tech Talk host James Kotecki how the device sets a new standard in hearing health. The earbud-style hearing aid, the HP Hearing Pro, can automatically set amplification for each ear to deliver rich noise-cancelling, directional sound. John explains in episode 4, This Earbud’s for You: Hear Better, Affordably, of the CES Tech Talk podcast series.


  • The Nuheara HP Hearing Pro is a dark-colored earbud that looks like a high-end earpiece rather than a traditional over-the-ear hearing aid, an intentional design approach that improves wearers’ comfort and convenience
  • Features include active noise cancellation, directionality, preset options and more through an app controlled from any standard smart device
  • The self-fitting earbud can automatically test an individual’s hearing by frequency via its Ear ID operation, then set the amplification appropriately for the user’s particular hearing loss or hearing needs
  • The hearing aid’s directional microphone can dramatically improve hearing by targeting sounds from all around the wearer to amplify and reduce, for example, background noise

They Said It

There's 48 million Americans with hearing loss and 38 million Americans do not own a solution, and this will change that for them because now they'll be able to afford it and they'll be able to access it wherever they live.

John Luna (00:00)

Americans for the first time ever [can] access hearing aids in retail…[Those] who do not have a solution or chose not to purchase [can]…go to their local consumer electronics store, online or a local pharmacy that carries OTC hearing aids and actually purchase something over the counter and walk out with it that day and fit it themselves…

John Luna (10:27)

Nuheara at CES 2023

Explore Nuheara’s complete line of hearing-health solutions at booth 8763 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Ask for demonstrations and find out how Nuheara products can improve hearing experiences for virtually any setting or situation, whether it’s leading a business meeting, streaming music or watching TV.

John R. Luna, CEO

With broad general management and commercialization credentials, John brings Nuheara and customers expertise derived from leadership roles in starting, building and turning around consumer electronics and medical device companies. As Nuheara CEO, John chaired the CTA working group focused on the five-year review and revision of federal regulations to include OTC hearing aids. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech and hearing sciences from U.C. Santa Barbara.

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