Siemens Displays Sea-to-Sky Sustainability

Overview The CES Tech Talk podcast, now in its sixth season, features interviews with industry experts who bring you an insider’s look at what to expect at CES 2023 in January. New episodes drop weekly; subscribe via your favorite podcast platform to get the latest updates. This week’s episode explores how advanced automation and manufacturing technologies can speed development of amazing solutions such as underwater gardening, carbon-neutral space voyages and customizable prosthetics.

Siemens returns to CES to display what the company’s Xcelerator and digital twin technology offers to drive sustainability and human security for all. Experience Nemo’s Garden, an ocean-floor biosphere off the Italian coast where air-filled pods house vertical gardens of fruit, vegetables and herbs. You’ll also get a close look at the Space Perspective balloon flight where astronauts-for- a-day journey to the edge of space for 360-degree views of Earth. This CES Tech Talk episode, Undersea Farming & Space-Balloon Travel at CES 2023, delves into the fantastic advances Siemens technology enables for the benefit of mankind. These stories, and more, are told by Brenda Discher, Siemens SVP of business strategy and marketing.


  • With Siemens technology, the Nemo’s Garden biosphere, harnesses positive environmental forces from the ocean -- water generation from condensation, CO2 absorption, pest minimization – it also models how regions lacking airable land can grow crops sustainably
  • Siemens digital twin technology with automation, robotics, AI and IoT pushes the limits of design and construction, optimizing 3D and simulations that speed manufacturing
  • As will be shown at CES 2023, Siemens simulation and digital twin technology capture and enable the experience of going into space via the Space Perspective balloon -- simulations as close as is possible recreate in vivid detail every aspect of a voyage to the stratosphere
  • Working with Unlimited Tomorrow, Siemens is bringing customized prosthetic limbs to children, including Ukrainian children, where resources are scarce - and in a way that’s practical, scalable and sustainable

They Said It

They can't test taking people up and down in space. They've got to be able to trust that it can actually simulate the space environment, optimize everything that may or may not be happening, and then be able to manufacture this balloon, and reuse it over and over again.

Brenda Discher (00:00)

…[A] digital twin…is a digital representation or a digital model of eventually what you visualize to be your final product or your plant or your process...we think that’s something pretty unique for us.

Brenda Discher (08:14)

Siemens at CES 2023

Don’t miss the Siemens Digital Industries Software exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, booth 8919. Find out how businesses of all sizes worldwide work with Siemens to digitally transform using software, hardware and services from the Siemens Xcelerator business platform. They optimize design, engineering and manufacturing processes for sustainable business advantage.

Brenda Discher, SVP, Business Strategy and Marketing

Brenda leads industry strategy, business strategy and marketing for Siemens Digital Industries Software, a unit of Siemens Digital Industries. She advises on strategic business and technology acquisitions, and manages global brand, communications, and digital go-to-market strategies. In this capacity, Brenda leads in establishing the company as a market leader in the manufacturing industry for enterprise and SMB customers. With more than 20 years of experience in bringing technology products, brands and businesses to market, she is experienced in driving change, brand innovation and deep customer engagements. Prior to joining Siemens, Brenda served in a range of leadership positions at Autodesk. She holds a BS degree in mechanical/industrial engineering and an MBA in international marketing and finance from Eastern Michigan University.

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