Sports, Art & Tech Take to NFTs

Overview As non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to take off globally, innovative startups and established tech companies are introducing themselves to this groundbreaking new space. See how companies like Blockparty and FTX are leveraging the popularity of NFTs.

With interest in the digital economy soaring, the spotlight on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — unique digital assets that can't be replicated — has intensified. And, as this revolutionary blockchain technology continues to make headlines worldwide, everyone from musicians to designers, global brands to startups, is taking notice. 

The Future of Digital Ownership was On Display at CES® 2022 

Investors have steadily become attracted to the concept of owning the property rights of everything from unique artwork to collectibles. With both global tech companies and startups advancing the future of NFTs, attendees were eager to return to CES 2022 in Las Vegas to explore state-of-the-art developments in this space.   

“NFTs may make blockchain technology more popular in the eyes of the general public,” said Brian Comiskey, sr. manager of industry intelligence, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®. “It may underscore a desire to increase more financial transactions (beyond crypto) for consumers, and eventually be deployed on the enterprise side for applications like secure cloud storage.” 

CTA member companies and exhibitors at CES 2022 in Las Vegas are at the forefront of the digital economy.  

Blockparty Makes Cryptocurrency Artistic 

Currency has evolved from paper in pockets and numbers in a bank account. Now value is being found in creation and art, and Blockparty showed how this marketplace is being born at CES 2022. 

Cryptocurrency has been popular for a while now, but many traditional businesses are uncomfortable with it, or do not understand how to deal with such new concepts. Enter Blockparty with its full suite of Web 3 tools to help NFT creators make their own marketplace.  

At CES 2022, Blockparty showed how aspiring NFT owners and creators can host, make and share their creations via its new platform. As virtual communities, online events, live chats and content creators become more aligned, Blockparty is there each step of the way to provide them a platform for collaboration. 

Blockparty plans to launch custom storefronts in 2022 and showed off current abilities in Las Vegas. With Blockparty, creators and communities will produce and share countless digital assets, and have a space to collaborate on further innovations. 

FTX is Bringing Sports Media and more to the NFT Space 

Believing that NFTs should not just be constrained to digital creations, FTX is making deals with teams like the NBA’s Miami Heat to create sponsorship assets for NFT logo placement and sponsored attendee virtual take-home items. 

FTX isn’t just working with basketball teams. The MLB has also gotten in on the game, partnering with FTX to create an umpire jersey-patch sponsorship. FTX showcased these deals and more at CES 2022, illustrating just how far NFTs have come and how much farther they can go.  

FTX proved that digital can be physical.

See You at CES 2023

CES returned home to Las Vegas in 2022, welcoming over 44,000 in-person attendees, with 40,000 joining the event digitally. The show was a true global event, with attendees representing 133 countries. Watch the keynote speeches, conference sessions, and more highlights from the show, now available on-demand. 

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